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Trainer Level: How To Raise Fast Pokemon Unite

This is what you need to raise your Trainer Level fast in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite is a MOBA action game. If you are new, you might be having difficulty in raising your rank or leveling up your Trainer. And raising your trainer level can unlock new features, useful rewards, and game modes, which are not available to low-level Trainers. So here is a guide on how to raise your trainer level fast in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite: How to Raise Trainer Level Fast

Raise Trainer Level Fast Unite

The trainer level is increased by earning Battle Points. These battle Points are obtained from Unite Battle. Every trainer level requires a certain number of battle Points to reach. Such as level 13 require 8,300 Battle Points, and to reach level 40, you need to have 138,600 Battle Points. Every level-up comes with some rewards. So our focus here would be on how you can raise the earning of Battle Points during Unite Battle.

Let’s first understand how many Battle Points different styles of matches can give. The Ranked and the Standard battle give you 150 Battle Points if won and 100 Battle Points if lost. And as for Quick matches, you get 75 Battle Points for each win and 50 Battle Points for each loss.

While selecting Pokemon for the Unite Battle, you will see some of them have a small blue double arrow symbol on the bottom right corner of the card. Choose those Pokemons, as they reward you with an extra 50 Battle Points.

Another way of earning more Battle Points is to buy a Battle Point Boost Card, which doubles the earned Battle Points for each completed match. You can purchase a one-day card, three-day card, or seven-day card. These cards can be bought using Tickets from the Aeos Emporium Items section. And it would not activate just by purchasing, so you can use it whenever you have more time on your hands.

This is all you need to know on how to raise the trainer level fast in Pokemon Unite. Also, check out Energy Rewards and the best goal timing.