Pokemon Unite – Best Talonflame Build! Battle Items & More

Talonflame is ready to join your Unite team. Here is how you can make the best build for it.

Pokemon Unite has just launched for Mobile on Google PlayStore and App Stores and we’re excited. Talonflame is a current Pokemon Roster Speedster type pokemon. He is very fast and has 5 stars in Mobility. This makes him the perfect Pokemon for MID/Jungle. Talonflame does have a lot of potentials to carry the game due to his heavy Attack. We did some research for you and found the best Pokemon Unite Talonflame Build according to some of the pro players out there.

Players should note that this is one of the difficult Pokemons to play and if not played right, can be the reason you lose and cost you a game.

The best Pokemon Unite Talonflame Build

Here are the two moves you should choose for your Talonflame in-game.

Best TalonFlame Build

Aerial Ace

This move is unlocked at Level 5. This is the perfect move for Talonflame as this deals with the gap between the target and you. You can use this move to fly towards the target and attack them. It does also deal quite a lot of damage to enemies.
You can use this move to dodge attacks from enemies as this move pushes you one gap away from them. At Level 11, the Aerial Ace damage is further increased.


You can unlock this move at Level 7. This is another fly and attack move but better as this makes it harder for enemies to attack you. When this move is used, Talonflame attacks the target and then immediately moves to the spot where you turn your joystick. This move causes a crazy amount of damage up to 2k points. You can upgrade this ability at Level 13 which makes your Talonflame ever bulkier. This move is usually used when you gank top or bottom lanes.

Best Talonflame Held Items

You can use either of these two offensive items for your Talonflame build. Both are as good as each other.

Muscle Band

This item gives you attack speed and more attack buff as base stats. That makes it perfect for Talonflame. It also gives a passive 3% HP damage when used.

Scope Lens

This gives you critical damage and offers you more burst damage than any other. This item is the most useful in the later stages of the game as this provides a huge amount of damage on a basic attack.

Defensive Items for  Pokemon Unite Talonflame Build

Buddy Barrier

You get HP as base stats for this item. By collecting more HP, you can make your Talonflame tankier. This will help you survive longer and also use your fly ability whenever you do need to escape. The passive for this item also provides you with an HP Shield for 40% to you and an ally.

Talonflame Build Items

Focus Band

This item is great to survive earlier in the game as it gives you defense as base stats. This item also syncs very well with Buddy Barrier and helps make your Talonflame tankier and survive longer. You also get amazing healing with this item.

Pokemon Unite Talonflame Build Battle Items

Eject Button

We recommend this item as it gives you the ability to survive longer and is based on team fight play. It’s also very consistent throughout the game.

This was the best Pokemon Unite Talonflame Build we could find for you! Remember that this is a difficult Pokemon and takes a while to learn. Check out this Insane Blastoise Build.