Pokemon Unite Best Blastoise Build (2022)

Here is a guide to select best moves and best items when you choose Blastoise!

Blastoise is surely a very cute yet very strong Defender pokemon in Pokemon Unite. Though his primary attacking style is shooting water, there are other moves and items to be held by Blastoise to get the best build out of him in Pokemon Unite. Go through the article to know the attacking moves and items to be used in the best Blastoise build in Pokemon Unite.

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Best Attacking Moves: Blastoise Build In Pokemon Unite

best Blastoise build in Pokemon Unite

Blastoise evolves as soon as you go on higher levels in Pokemon Unite. His main attacks are Water Gun and Skull Bash which you can use at level 1 to set up your teammates. Water Gun works best when it comes to damaging opponents in Pokemon Unite.


The 1st evolution of Blastoise will happen in level 5 where you will be able to upgrade your Hydro pump into a Water Stout. The Hydro Pump is very similar to the Water Gun as it also helps us to deal damage to the opponent pokemon. Water Spout is just a utility move that allows you to spout water towards your target by dealing damage to the opponent.

Level  7 will be the next evolutionary stage of Blastoise. At this level, you will be able to upgrade the Skull Bash into a Surf or Rapid Spin. The Rapid Spin will allow Blastoise to move forward and spin at a very high speed shooting water and destroying everything he touches. Blastoise is simply uncontrollable around the crowd.

It is best to use Blastoise after level 7 when the Rapid Spin is unlocked than using it on lower levels. Blastoise gets upgraded to Hydro Typhoon when you cross level 9 which is similar to Rapid Spin. The only difference is the amount of damage it causes to the opponent pokemon.


Pokemon Unite: Best Items in Blastoise Build

There are three items that can be used in combination with one another in Blastoise build. Here is a list of all the best items in Blastoise Build in Pokemon Unite.

  • Buddy Barrier — This will help you get a giant shield for Blastoise and his allies.
  • Score Shield — This will basically provide Blastoise a shield when he is trying to score a goal.
  • Focus Band — This will help Blastoise gain health in just 3 seconds when he is low on energy.


Blastoise is a very flexible pokemon in Pokemon Unite. This Blastoise Build is completely dependent on our personal view and easy and its not necessary that your opinion will match with us. You can build your own Blastoise Build in Pokemon Unite on what you find more accessible.

This is everything you need to know about the best Blastoise build in Pokemon Unite. Check another article on the best Gengar build in Pokemon Unite.


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