Pokemon Unite: Microtransactions Guide

Trying to learn about Pokemon Unite microtransactions, this is what you need.

Pokemon Unite has several forms of currencies that are used for microtransactions. This transaction system is found in many free-to-download and play games. But unlike most other games, most goods here are purchasable with free-to-gain currencies. In this guide, we will talk about all the currency forms, their uses, and the method of obtaining them for microtransactions in Pokemon Unite.

Microtransactions Guide for Pokemon Unite

Microtransactions Guide Pokemon Unite

There are currently five forms of currencies used for in-game transactions. Namely Aeos Gems, Aeos Coins, Aeos Tickets, Holowear Tickets, and Fashion Tickets. Let us now learn in detail about them.

Aeos Gems

These are only the Premium currency forms of the game. The price of its pack varies from $0.99 to $99.90. Many items can be purchased using this commodity, but the best items to buy would be a Pokemon License, Energy Boost Tank, and Extra-Energy Tank.

Aeos Coins

This is a free in-game currency that you can obtain as Trainer Level, Energy, Fair Play Point, Beginner’s Challenge, Event, and Mission rewards. You can use this currency to purchase Held items, upgrades, and Unite Licenses. It is recommended to use Aeos Coin Boost Cards so that you can earn more coins from battles.

Aeos Tickets

It is a free in-game currency you can obtain as Battle Pass, Energy, Trainer Level, Event, and Mission Rewards. This currency can be exchanged for Battle Point Booster Cards, Aeos Coin Boost Cards, Item Enhancer, and fashion items.

Holowear Tickets

Holowear is Skins that your Pokemon can equip while battling. It is a free form of currency that you can obtain as an Energy Battle Pass Prize Box and Events rewards.

Fashion Tickets

It is the last free currency form and can be collected as Energy, Event, and Battle Pass Prize Box rewards. This currency is exchanged for fashion items like tops, jackets, hats, shoes, and more.

This is all about microtransactions in Pokemon Unite. If you found this guide helpful, then do check out the character creation guide and vision guide.