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How To Farm Aeos Tickets In Pokemon Unite

This is how you earn or get Aeos Tickets in Pokemon Unite.

The Aeos Tickets are one of the most useful commodities of the game. We need these Tickets to purchase items like Battle Point Boost Card, Aeos Coin Boost Card, Item Enhancer, and so on. There are many ways to collect these Tickets, and here we will talk about some of the best ways to farm Aeos Tickets in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite: How to Get or Farm Aeos Tickets

Farm Aeos Tickets
The Aeos Tickets are a type of currency used to purchase in-game items. And there are several ways through which you can farm or get them in Pokemon Unite. But probably the best method of earning these Tickets is through Events.

You get some Aeos Tickets for completing the daily task, the reward tickets you get are not much, but missions are mostly easy to complete and less time-consuming. You also get these Tickets as a log-in reward. The Aeos Research Institute Missions have many events which give Tickets for completion. Some even have more than 1000 Tickets. Almost all events like Quick Battle, Intense Battle Training, Unite Battle, Since Release, and so on give Tickets.

Another way to get an Aeos Ticket is as an Energy Reward, but this is a random reward system, so you might or might not get Tickets from this method. Raising trainer level also rewards you with Aeos Tickets, at level 17 you get 300 Aeos Tickets. The Fair-Play Points Rewards can also give these Tickets. You earn Fair-Play Points by not idling in battle and not quitting matches. The last useful method to earn these Tickets is by completing Battle Pass tasks. These tasks might change with the season, but they mostly give 150 Tickets at a time.

Hopefully, this guide on how to farm Aeos Tickets in Pokemon Unite helped you. If it did, go ahead and read the Beginner Support Box and how to raise the trainer level fast.