How To Farm Aeos Energy In Pokemon Unite

Looking for a way to farm Aeos Energy in Pokemon unite, this is what you need.

Pokemon Unite is a MOBA RTS where players from around the globe come together to battle against the opposing team. Every time you win a match, you get rewards, such as tickets, coins, and energy. That you can use to level up your character or Pokemon. In this article, we will focus on how to get or farm Aeos Energy in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite: How to Farm Aeos Energy

Farm Aeos Energy In Pokemon Unite

For now, the only way to earn energy is through battles. But the amount of energy you will get from matches differs with their type and player. Winning in Standard and Ranked matches reward you with 30 points and Quick matches give you 15 points. You get 20 points in Standard and Ranked if you lose the battle, and 10 points in Quick. The weekly energy collection limit is 1400, which gets reset every Monday at 00:00 UTC. This Aeos Energy is used to earn Energy Rewards. Every unit of 100 energy gives one energy reward.

Boost and Extra

There are no other ways to get energy except battles, but you can use boosters to multiply the energy earned. Energy Boost Tank is an item that will multiply your obtained Aeos Energy 4 times the original amount. Suppose you earned 30 points from a Standard battle, it will get multiplied by 4 and you will get 120 points. This will then get combined with the original earnings, and the final points would be 150 Aeos Energy. To put it simply by applying Energy Boost Tank your 30 points will become 150 Aeos Energy. You can only use one Energy Boost Tank at a time. And these Boost Tanks have 1000 points which get depleted with every provided bonus. And once the energy reaches zero, this boost will end.

Another item that you use to increase the amount of energy gain is the Extra-Energy Tank. As you already know the weekly limit to collect Aeos Energy is 1400. After which your normal Energy Tank gets empty till reset. This is where the Extra-Energy Tank is used. You can take more 1000 Aeos Energy from this tank.

This is all about how to farm Aeos energy in Pokemon Unite. Looking for more such guides, check out how to farm Aeos Coins and how to farm Aeos Tickets.