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How To Evolve And Evolution Timing In Pokemon Unite

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Evolution is an inherent part of the Pokemon series. It is hard to imagine a Pokemon game without any evolution system. But since this is a MOBA version, your Pokemon starts at level 1 in every game and has to evolve through XP gain. It might seem a little tricky to beginners, so here is how to evolve and evolution timing for Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite: How to Evolve and Evolution Timing

Evolution Timing Pokemon Unite
The first thing that Trainers should remember is that not all Pokemons in this game go through the evolution phase. Pikachu and Lucario are prime examples of it. And some Pokemons have 2 stages of evolution, while some have only one. Due to this, their evolution timing is not subject to only their level. It is divided based on stages and levels both. For example, Gastly evolves into Gengar at level 9, but Fennekin evolves into Delphox at level 6.

Even though their evolution time differs and keeping a tab of all the timings is not easy, you should check their evolution stages before using them. Now, let us focus on how you can evolve them. The only way to advance your Pokemon is through gaining XP and leveling up. And there are several ways through which you can gain XP. You can gain XP by fighting wild Pokemons, catching them, and scoring goals.

Defeating enemy Pokemon also gives you some amount of XP. Make sure to deliver the last hit while assisting your team in the fight, as it gives you more XP than others involved. There is also one item called Exp. Share, which provides an XP boost to players with the lowest XP. But this item has one negative impact. When using this, you do not gain XP from assisting your team.

This is all about how to evolve and evolution timing in Pokemon Unite. If you found this knowledgeable, do check out our other articles on Super Jump and Critical hit.