Super Jump Guide For Pokemon Unite

This is how you should use Super Jump pads in Pokemon Unite.

Super Jump takes place from Super Jump launch pads. And these launch pads help Pokemon to travel faster in the desired direction. The maps have Regular and Super Jump pads. Both of which help in dodging enemies and reaching your destination faster. So, here is a guide on the Super Jump launch pads in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite: Super Jump Guide

Super Jump Guide Pokemon Unite

Super Jump pads are available in Remoat Stadium, Theia Sky Ruins, and Mer Stadium. And is absent in Shivre City and Auroma Park because they have Speed Flux and Conveyer belt features, which give them speed boosts. The battle that lasts for 10 minutes will get these Super Jump pads after 5 minutes, and matches that last for 5 minutes will be able to use them after 2 minutes and 30 seconds. To put it simply, they spawn at halftime. And they always appear in front of each team’s base.

They have some fixed destinations, which you can choose while jumping. The destination also includes some Goal Zones. So you can jump there in time of need. You can jump to destroy Goal Zones also. And while you are in the air no enemy Pokemon will deal damage.

These Super Jumps prove convenient when you get knocked out and have to resume the match without interruption by random wild Pokemon. And it also deems useful when your teammates are low on HP and need your help.

Regular Jump pads are available in Theia Sky Ruins and Remoat Stadium. Here you cannot choose your destination. It will shoot you in the direction you are facing. And there are Regular Jump pads in four different directions.

This is all about Super Jump pads in Pokemon Unite. If you are looking for more gaming guides. Check out the Critical hit guide and how to use quick chat and pings.