Pokemon Unite Crossplay: Does It Support Crossplay Between Switch & Mobile?

Did you download Pokemon Unite on your Phone? If Not done yet, get to know about cross-paly in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite is surely one of the most favorite games of all time. The game was previously limited to only Nintendo Switch but now it’s going to be out on various platforms. Yes, you heard me right! Pokemon Unite is now available to play on Android and iPhones for free. Now download your favorite game and enjoy it on your phone.

There are many fans who are wondering will Pokemon Unite have crossplay between Nintendo Switch and Mobile and if that’s you then look no further as we have you covered.

Pokemon Unite Crossplay And Cross-Progression Guide

Pokemon Unite cross-play

The devs of Pokemon Unite have finally launched its Mobile version today (22 September 2021). The best thing about this awesome game is it supports both cross-play and cross-progression between Mobile and Nintendo Switch. If you have not downloaded Pokemon Unite yet, download it from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Cross progression will allow you to continue with the level on which you are on Nintendo Switch. Continue playing Pokemon Unite from the same level across all the platforms. Download it now to battle against all the players regardless of bothering about what device you are using.

New Add-ons In Pokemon Unite:

  • Introduction of new in-game events which will reward you with various items.
  • Launch of new unite squad that will allow you to team up with your squadmates.
  • Release of second battle pass that unlocks new items and halo-wears
  • Removal of Spectator Mode feature.
  • Will support more new languages.
  • More Customization and more Pokemons.
  • More options to play: All players will have two options now. You can either create a quad or join a squad.

If you have been playing Pokemon Unite on Nintendo Switch, you can now switch to your mobile for your ease and enjoy the new additional features on your Android or iOS mobile.

This is everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite cross-play and cross-progression. Check out another article to know about all the maps and arenas in Pokemon Unite.