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All Pokemon Unite Maps & Battle Arenas (November 2022)

Want to know about all the maps in Pokemon Unite? Here is everything you are looking for!

There are several Maps in Pokemon Unite. The first Map which was accessible to all players was Remoat Stadium. And later few more maps were introduced in the game. Making your work easier, we have compiled a list of all Maps available in Pokemon Unite.

If you want to know everything about Pokemon Unite Maps, make sure to go through this guide and let us know which one is your favorite map.

List Of All Maps In Pokemon Unite – November 2022

Remoate Stadium

Maps in Pokemon Unite

Remoate Stadium is the first map that is accessible for all the players in 5v5 mode. There are various parts of this map like Base, Central area, Goal Zone, Paths, Beach Area, and Legendary Pit. The match starts from the Base of Remoat Stadium map of Pokemon Unite.

All little battles happen at the Goal zone on the map. They are marked with purple colored circles. The Legendary pit is situated at the center of the map, you can defeat the legendary Pokemon here to get some extra points. This is the largest and team-oriented map in the Pokemon Unite.

Shivre City

Maps in Pokemon Unite

This map is comparatively smaller. There is only one Goal Zone on this map where wild Avalugg appears. Defeat him and mark that area for your team. There are special Speed Flux Zones on the map which help to speed up the movement of your pokemon in the game.

Reach the Zones and speed up your pokemon to earn more points. Due to the small size of the map, you will be facing more firings than collecting energies while defeating your enemies in Shivre City.

Auroma Park

Maps in Pokemon Unite

Auroma Park is a 3v3 map. You will be introduced to the new feature in the map called the Conveyer belt. You can use these belts to catch fleeing opponents or escape from your enemies in the Pokemon unite. Players can also use conveyor belts to quickly reach the Goal Zone.

There is only one Goal Zone So you will have to share it with another team. You can respawn pokemon as usual at the base of the map. And you will have to defeat Pokemon Regigigas in Auroma park at Legendary pit.

Mer Stadium

Maps in Pokemon Unite

This map is a compact version of Remoate Stadium. All the wild Pokemon which you find on the Remoate map you will find here. This map offers 4v4 game mode in a Quick battle map. There are a total of 4 goal zones on the map. The activated Goal Zones are highlighted on the minimap.

You can reach active Goal Zones to score extra points. There are speed lanes on the map where the enemy’s speed will be reduced whereas your ally’s speed will be boosted in the Pokemon Unite.

That’s everything you need to know about all the Maps in Pokemon Unite. Check out another article on the Pokemon Unite Tier list ranking all the Pokemons in the game.