Pokemon Unite: The Best Blissey Build!

Blissey is ready to join your Pokemon Unite team! We'll show you how you can keep your Blissey build really strong.

Blissey is known as a healer and support pokemon. Pokemon Unite has finally put Blissey on its roster and you bet we are using all its best moves. This Pokemon is a Melee Support and will be helpful to heal your allies and boost the stats.
You have to play as Chansey for the first 4 levels then evolving into Blissey.

Pokemon Unite: Best Blissey Builds

Pokemon Unite Best Build

Here are all of the moves you can use in your build for Blissey to have strong gameplay.


This is your primary healing ability which is unlocked at Level 4. By using this move, Blissey throws an egg at an ally pokemon and restores its HP and Blissey’s own too! Once you recharge this ability, you can use 3 charges of this. On upgrading this ability, you can store more charges of this. We love this ability as it does a very good job of healing the allies by targetting the ally with the lowest HP.

Helping Hand

This move is unlocked at Level 6 and upon using it, it enhances your allies move and attack speed. You can say that this is a buff ability because when you use it, all your ally attacks get boosted. When you upgrade this move at Level 10, it will increase the attack damage.

Best Blissey Items

Picked the best abilities for Blissey but still not able to buff and tank for your team? Use these game items to help support your Blissey even better.

Buddy Barrier

This is undeniably one of the best items in the game and having your Blissey use it is even better. By using this item, it helps Blissey to shield herself along with an ally while also using a Unite move. This item is the best for support pokemon.

Score Shield

Using this item gives Blissey more HP and gives it a shield equal to 10% of the maximum HP when scoring. Blissey has 10000 HP at Level 15 which is the most amount of HP compared to other pokemon. This gives your Blissey a 1000 HP shield when used to score goals. You can easily tank for your ally team with this team.

Focus Band

Since Blissey’s defence stats are very low, this item helps your Blissey increase its defence and special defence base stats. Focus Band also helps by offering Blissey percentage HP healing when Blissey’s gets low. This is a passive item.

Best Battle Items for Blissey

Between all the battle items that are out there in Pokemon Unite, here are the best items for Blissey.

Eject Button

This works as a great panic button for Blissey. Since Blissey is a support Pokemon, it might take some heavy damage from enemy pokemon. This item really helps Blissey to escape from the lane and saves it from getting flanked.


This is a great item for Blissey for the start of the game. Blissey makes use of the potion to heal itself.

This is one of the best Blissey builds we have found for you. Using this Blissy Build on Pokemon Unite will help your Blissey tank!

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