Pokemon Unite Gengar Build (2022)

Gengar is an Expert difficulty pokemon in Pokemon Unite. Here's a build guide telling you which moves and items to use with Gengar.

Gengar is an Expert category pokemon in the Pokemon Unite which is why getting him the best build becomes crucial. Gengar belongs to the Speedster role so most of his attacks will be quick and ambush multiple enemies. Let’s dig deeper and find out about all the attacks of Gengar and the items you should use with Gengar.

Best Gengar Build in Pokémon UNITE

When used to his optimum Gengar can help you score Aeos energy faster than any other pokemon in the game. Players should know when they should use specific attacks and items to make the most of Gengar. First and foremost you should do is use Levitate. It will make Gengar faster hence help him collect XP points faster and eventually help Gastly or Haunter evolve quickly.

gengar build

Attacks Of Gengar

Sludge Bomb and Will-O-Wisp are some of the go-to attacks for Gengar. Apart from dealing high damage Sludge bomb will also poison the enemy, the more you upgrade the attacks the longer it will leave the enemy poisoned. Will-O-Wisp is very apt to Gengar’s speedster role so it will deal high damage very fast and leave a burn on the enemy pokemon.

Once you upgrade Gengar to level 7 it will unlock the Hex attack, which will enable Gengar to attack a specific area at once. The more you upgrade the attack the higher the damage will be and the cool-down period will also reduce.

Every Pokemon has a special Unite move as well as Pokemon Unite. Phantom Ambush is Gengar’s Unite move which deals high damage and will slow down all other pokemon in the area.

Items To Use With Gengar

Sp. Atk. Specs is one the best items to use with Gengar given that the speedster pokemon is used to score Aeos energy. The more Gengar scores the more it will increase the damage of all his attacks. Wise glasses is a bit similar to the previous item but the only difference is you don’t need to score to increase the damage of your attacks. X attacks and energy amplifier items also can be used with Gengar as it will increase the damage of all his attacks.

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