Pokemon Showdown: Useful Commands You Should Know

Players can perform a number of tasks using Pokemon Showdown commands

Pokemon Showdown is a battle simulator site where players can compete against opponents in various match formats. There are a number of useful commands that can help you on the site. These commands can perform a number of functions from changing your username to forfeiting a match in Pokemon Showdown.

Let us take a look at them below.

Pokemon Showdown Commands


While there are a lot of commands in Pokemon Showdown, we have put together a list of the most useful ones below. These commands cover all the basic functions that you might need to perform. Let us  take a look at them below.

  • /nick [username]: Change the username.
  • /avatar [name]: Changes the avatar to one of the default ones on Showdown
  • /rating, /rank, /ranking, /ladder, /rating, [username]: Check the ranking on the ladder(s) of the server you are in.
  • /forfeit: Forfeits the match you are in.
  • /whois, /whois [username]: Gets inofrmation about a user.
  • /msg [username], [message] OR /w [username], [message]: Private messages the username with the message.
  • /reply [username]: Sends a message to the last person in conversation.
  • /ignore [username]: Ignores a user, blocking all messages and PMs.
  • /away OR /idle: Ignores all challenges and PMs
  • /back: Reverses /away.
  • /highlight [word], /highlight list, /highlight delete, [word], /highlight delete: Adds a word to highlight list, Shows highlight list, Deletes a word from highlight list, Deletes highlight list.
  • /tour join: Joins the current tournament.
  • /tour leave: Leaves tournament.
  • /auth: Displays global and room auth
  • /roomauth: Displays the auth in the room.
  • /inv, /invite [username], [room]: Invites user to join a room in PM.
  • spoiler: [message]: Produces a grayed out message area that requires users to hover over to see message.
  • /statcalc [level] [base stat] [IVs] [nature] [EVs] [modifier]: Calculates actual stat of a Pokemon.
  • /blockpms: Block all PMs.
  • /unblockpms: Undoes blockpms.
  • /blockchallenges: Blocks challenges
  • /unblockchallenges: Undoes blockchallenges.
  • /clear: Clears the chat log.
  • /me [message]: Displays yourself talking the in third person:
  • Mewderator is writing.
  • /friend add [username] OR /friend [username]: Adds a friend.

This is a list of all the useful Pokemon Showdown commands. For more Pokemon Showdown guides, check out Pokemon Showdown: How To Do 2v2 Doubles?