McDonalds Pokemon Meal: A Not So Happy Meal

On Pokemons 25th anniversary McDonalds released a Pokemon meal.Here's all you need to know about McDonalds Pokemon Meal and what followed.

Pokemon is one of the most successful entertainment titles of all time. Pokemon has not only maintained but expanded its fanbase across the globe. To celebrate 25 years of Pokemon McDonald’s recently released a special Pokemon meal but things didn’t go as they planned. Let’s dig deeper and know more about the McDonald’s Pokemon meal and the buzz around it.

McDonald’s Pokemon meal and Buzz Around It

McDonald's Pokemon
To celebrate 25 years of Pokemon Mcdonald’s decided to change the Happy meal box and instead give buyers a Pickachu faced box and rename the meal to Pokemon Meal. Apart from the box, the meal will also have a special edition Pokemon card. There are a total of 50 types of cards consumers can get from the Pokemon meal. The idea seemed brilliant but turned out to be a bit too good of an idea.

People started mass ordering these Pokemon meals (mostly adults) to get all the different types of cards. This has led to mass hogging of the meal so much so that some McDonald’s outlets got mobbed. Things went a bit too far when and in an attempt to control things McDonald’s’ decided to restrict the number of orders per person. This wasn’t much effective as people still ended up hoarding multiple Pokemon meals to get all the cards.

Multiple instances of food wastage were also reported. People would order the meal take the card and throw the food. In this whole mishap, it was the kids who couldn’t have their happy meal in peace for something they don’t even know exists.

The hype around Pokemon cards isn’t new as they have been around for more than 15 years. Recently when Youtuber Logan paul showed of his Pokemon card collection and bought some rare cards for thousands of dollars the hype around Pokemon cards picked. As of now, many people are selling the McDonalds Pokemon cards on eBay as well and the bids are sky-rocketing.

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