Every Cat Pokemon In The Pokedex (2022)

There are several Pokemons and all of them are based on some animal. Here is a list of all the Cat Pokemon listed in the Pokedex.

We all at some point have been immersed into the ever-expanding world of Pokemon, either through the movies, games, or the OG TV show. It becomes very obvious that all the Pokemons are a hypothetical version of the animals we see in the real world like cats, dogs, etc. Inspiration has been taken from all kinds of animals but more from common animals like cats and dogs. Here is a list of all the Cat Pokemon.

List Of All Cat Pokemon Listed In The Pokedex

We aren’t ranking any pokemon based on any attributes this is a simple listing of all the Cat Pokemons.

Cat Pokemon

Cat Pokemon Type
Meowth Normal
Meowth (Alohan) Dark
Meowth (Galarian) Steel
Persian Normal
Persian (Alohan) Dark
Luxio Electric
Skitty Normal
Shinx Electric
Espeon Psychic
Raikou Electric
Luxray Electric
Litleo Fire/ Normal
Liepard Dark
Glameow Normal
Pyroar Fire/ Normal
Purugly Normal
Purrloin Dark
Litten Fire
Incineroar Fire/ Dark
Espurr Psychic
Meowstic Psychic
Solgaleo Psychic/ Steel
Perrserker Steel
Torracat Fire
Zeraora Electric
Delcatty Normal

The type of Pokemon matters a lot as it will determine who the Pokemons are effective against and what type of attacks it can withstand. In simple words, a water-type Pokemon is very effective against fire type but not very effective against grass-type Pokemon.

The animal the Pokemon is based on also decides the attacks it will have and how agile the Pokemon will be. While Pokemons based on Cats like Meowth are more agile so they have attacks like Tackle, Pokemons like Snorlax which is based on Bear have attacks like Bodyslam.

In total 26 Pokemons are based on cats out of the total 898 Pokemon. We have included Pokemon from the Kanto region (Pokemon Red and Blue) to Pokemon Sword and Sheild.

That’s all for this one, for more such info, tips, and tricks about Pokemons do check out our extensive Pokemon Guide.