Pokemon Legends Arceus: How To Pre-Order And Pre-Order Bonus

The pre-orders for Pokemon Legends Arceus have begun, let's see all the Pokemon Legends Arceus pre-order rewards and how to pre-order the game

Pokemon  Legends Arceus is the latest pokemon RPG set to release on 28th Jan 2022. As the release of Pokemon Legends Arceus is almost upon us, Nintendo has opened the game for pre-order. If you are sure of buying the game, we recommend you to pre-order it as you will get some pre-order rewards. Let’s see all the Pokemon Legends Arceus pre-order rewards and how to pre-order the game.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Pre Order Rewards

With the announcement of the release date of Pokemon Legends Arceus, Nintendo also announced a range of pre-order rewards for players. The biggest pre-order bonus is the in-game Hisuin Growlithe Kimono set. Players can use the set to make their character look unique. Apart from that, the players who order the game before 9th 2022 from the Nintendo e-shop will also get 30 heavy balls. The heavy ball is a  different Pokeball type with a higher catching rate than the regular Pokeball. All the players who pre-order the game will get the Hisuin Growlithe Kimono set and the 30 heavy pokeballs as well.

Players who buy the physical copy of Pokemon Legends Arceus from the Pokemon Center will also get an Arceus sitting cuties plush toy. The pre-order rewards and bonuses are available on both digital or physical purchases. The plushie on the contrary is only available on the physical purchase of the game. Many stores worldwide have a variety of pre-order gifts, so we would recommend players to check out their nearest store.

How To Pre Order Pokemon Legends Arceus

Players can pre-order the game from the pokemon center website or the official Nintendo e-store as well. Apart from that, you can pre-order from your nearest store also.

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