Pokemon Legends Arceus: Everything About Scizor (Scyther Evolution)

Pokemon Legends Arceus will have noble pokemons. Here's everything about Scizor and Kleavor, if they are noble pokemons and how to catch them

Pokemon Legends Arceus is an upcoming pokemon-RPG game based in the Hisui region. The game is set to release on Nintendo in January 2022, and still not much has been revealed about it. A recent trailer of the game shows us the new noble pokemons we will see in Pokemon Legends Arceus, and one of them might be Scizor. Let’s dig deeper and find out all about Scizor in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

How To Get Scizor (Scyther Evolution) In Pokemon Legends Arceus?

The new trailer of Pokemon Legends Arcesu featured noble pokemons, and the most prominent of them was Kleavor. Kleavor is a bug/rock type noble pokemon that is the 3rd evolution of scyther. Given that Scizor is the second evolution of scyther, we can expect that if Kleavor is in the game, Scizor would definitely be in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

It is unclear if Scizor will be a noble pokemon or a regular pokemon which I why the evolution method might differ. We aren’t sure how trainers will be able to evolve their pokemon into noble pokemons. Fans are hoping that the process of evolving the pokemon normally will be simpler.

As of now, we expect that the best way to get Scizor in Pokemon Legends Arceus will be by evolving a scyther.

Everything About Noble Pokemon Kleavor In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Lord of the woods Kleavor is a bug/rock type axe pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Kleavor is announced as one of the strongest Noble pokemon in the game. As of now, the trailer shows a rock-skin Kleavor going against our trainer. We are hoping that at some point, players will be able to catch it as well.

To know more about Pokemon Legends Arceus and all the pokemons in the game, players can click here to visit the official site of the game.

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