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Pokemon GO: Solgaleo Vs Lunala

This is a comparison between Solgaleo and Lunala of Pokemon GO.

Solgaleo and Lunala got transformed from Cosmoem. And Cosmoem evolved from Cosmog. So they are the third stage of Astral Pokemon Cosmog. And they got introduced in the recent Astral Eclipse Event. Both of them require 100 candies for evolution, but the time of their evolution differs just like their attributes. And so far you can only get one of them, which makes it hard for Trainers to choose between one. So here we have compared Solgaleo Vs Lunala in Pokemon GO for your ease.

Solgaleo Vs Lunala in Pokemon GO

Solgaleo Vs Lunala In Pokemon GO

Since players can only obtain one form for now. Every player is going through the confusion of whether to go with this or with that. But no need to worry now, you can just go through this tabular comparison and decide which one is better suited for you.



Type Psychic/Steel Psychic/Ghost
Generation 7 7
Weak Dark, Fire, Ghost, Ground Dark, Ghost
Resistant Normal, Rock, Steel, Poison, Psychic, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice Fighting, Poison, Psychic, Normal
Shiny Available Available
Base Stats Attack: 255, Defense: 191, Stamina: 264 Attack: 255, Defense: 191, Stamina: 264
Max CP 4570 4570
Moves Quick Moves: Zen Headbutt, Fire Spin.
Main Move: Flamethrower, Iron Head, Solar Beam, Psychic Fangs.
Quick Moves: Confusion, Air Slash.
Main Move: Shadow Ball, Moonblast, Psychic, Future Sight.
Best Moveset Zen Headbutt + Solar Beam
Zen Headbutt + Iron Head
Zen Headbutt + Flamethrower
Zen Headbutt + Psychic Fangs
Fire Spin + Solar Beam
Fire Spin + Iron Head
Fire Spin + Psychic Fangs
Fire Spin + Flamethrower
Confusion + Shadow Ball
Confusion + Psychic
Confusion + Moonblast
Confusion + Future Sight
Air Slash + Shadow Ball
Air Slash + Psychic
Air Slash + Future Sight
Air Slash + Moonblast
Evolution 100 candies, Daytime 100 candies, Nighttime

That is all you need to know to decide which is the best Solgaleo Vs Lunala in Pokemon GO. Also, check out how to evolve Cosmog into Cosmoem and how to get Solgaleo or Lunala.