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How To Catch Shiny Rockruff In Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go introduced Shiny Rockruff with its base form

Rockruff arrived in Pokemon Go as part of the Season of Alola. Even better, players can get Shiny Rockruff in the game. As Pokemon Go players would know, the Shiny form of any Pokemon is incredibly rare and hard to find in the game. Shiny variations of Pokemon are often introduced separately from their basic forms. However, Pokemon Go introduced Shiny Rockruff right at the start. So, how do you catch Shiny Rockruff in Pokemon Go? Let us find out.

Catch A Shiny Rockruff In Pokemon Go


Rockruff is an egg and raid-exclusive Pokemon. It was first available in one-star raid battles in Pokemon Go from March 1, 2022, to March 15, 2022. This was a fairly easy raid to accomplish. However, it was off the raid battles for almost a month after that. Luckily, it is apparently back in raid battles as a Tier One raid. So, players looking to catch that Shiny Rockruff should head over to the raid battles and try out their luck.

It was quite a popular addition back when it was introduced. It seems like the interest remains the same as players are already on the hunt for this Shiny Pokemon. In addition to Rockruff, players can also catch Klink, Munna, Snubbull, and Ralts in the Tier One raids. Once players have defeated it in a raid, there is a chance that Rockruff will appear in its Shiny form during the capture. If players do manage to catch a Shiny Rockruff, it will have blue fur instead of brown. Players can evolve this puppy Pokemon into a Lycanroc for 50 candy.

Players can also hatch a Shiny Rockruff if they are lucky.


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