Pokemon Go Litten : How To Catch It And Is Shiny Litten Available?

Capture Litten and evolve it into Incinerator.

As we all know that Welcome To Alola event in Pokemon Go is on and it has brought a lot of new and shiny Pokemons into the game. Comfey, Oricorio, Litten are one of those popular Gen 7 Pokemons that are likely to be seen during this event. In this article, we will focus on getting Litten in Pokemon Go and find out if Shiny Litten is available in the game.

So without any further ado, scroll down and find out about the same.


How To  Capture Litten In Pokemon Go?

Litten Pokemon Go

Litten is a cute cat-like pokemon with red and black stripes painted on it. It is also known as Fire Cat Pokemon and is one of the many Gen 7 Pokemons that are going to be launched in the Welcome To Alola Event. You can find Litten in wild as a 5km egg Pokemon and capture it from there. The event is going to be available from March to June 2022 and players will get enough time to go and find Litten in the game.


Ember and Flame thrower are the best moves of Litten that it use while attacking Pokemons in Gyms. These moves of Litten have the highest DPS and are also known as the best move sets for all the PvP battles. Moreover, it is a fire type of Pokemon that is weak when it comes to dealing damage on the ground, water, and rock. Whereas it proves to be one of the strongest ones against Fire, Grass, Ice, Steel, and Bug.

Litten can be evolved up to three generations by spending some Litten candies in Pokemon Go. Upgrade Litten into Torracat by spending 25 candies and later into Incinerator by spending 100 Candies at levels 17 and 34 respectively. (Litten >> Torracat >> Incinerator)

So, wander into the wild and do not miss a chance to capture Litten in Pokemon Go and evolve it into its latest generation by feeding candies.


Is Shiny Litten Available In Pokemon Go?

Sadly Shiny Litten is not available in Pokemon Go at the moment. There is no announcement about its release and players might have to wait a little longer to see it in the game. For all those players who don’t know what a shiny Litten is, it is the same as a Litten with its fur painted in white color instead of black. The only difference between Shiny and normal Pokemons is color and all the properties remain the same.

That’s all about Litten in Pokemon Go. Check out another article on how to capture Oricorio in Pokemon Go.



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