How To Join A Team In Pokemon GO

Here is how you can join a team in Pokemon GO.

A team plays a crucial role in an overall gaming experience. And Pokemon Go has three teams to choose from. Those teams are headed by three NPC leaders: Candela, Blanche, and Spark. They all have different beliefs and goals. If those values are what you are looking for, then check out this guide to join a team in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO: How to Join a Team

 Join A Team In Pokemon GO

A player after reaching level 5 has to go to the Gym to join one of the three teams. First is Team Instinct, headed by Spark, their team color is yellow and Zapdos is their mascot. The second is Team Mystic, led by Blanche. Their team color is blue and Articuno is their mascot. The last is Team Valor, headed by Candela. And their mascot is Moltres with red as their team color. This was the basic info of the team, now let us see how you can join these teams.

  • Reach level 5 and search for the Gym using Map view. Since you have not joined any Gym as of now, you will see them in gray color.
  • Tap on the Gym to enter it. Now the Professor will talk for some time and introduce all the leaders to you.
  • As soon as the introduction ends, you will see a message on your screen “Select a team to join” above three silhouettes of team leaders.
  • Tap on the Silhouette you want to join. And confirm your selection. It will show you a welcome message.

How to Change Team

  • Open your app and go to the Main Menu.
  • Select the Shop option, which looks like a shopping bag.
  • Scroll down to find an item named “Team Medallion“. It is very costly and can be purchased once in 365 days.
  • Tap on the Medallion. Hit the Exchange button to buy it.
  • Go back to the Main Menu and select Items.
  • Choose Team Medallion and tap OK.
  • It will show you three teams. Select any team.
  • Confirm your choice to change your team.

This is all you need to do to join and change a team in Pokemon GO. Check out these guides if you are wondering how to join Public Raid and how to join Egg Raid.