Can Flygon Be Shiny In Pokemon Go?

Are you wondering if there is a Shiny Flygon in Pokemon GO? Well, the answer is stated in this guide.

Shiny Pokemon do occur in Pokemon Go. But, the chances of them occurring are considerably rare. Although, Shiny Pokemon are very rare in Pokemon go, you may have to rely on luck in order to get one. So, how can you get a Shiny Flygon in Pokemon GO? Go through this article and you will figure out how to catch a Shiny Flygon.

How can you find a Shiny Flygon?

Shiny Flygon pokemon go

Flygon is the highest stage of Evolution. The initial version of this pokemon species is Trapinch which evolves into Vibrava which further evolves into Flygon. So, maybe it will be tough finding a Shiny Flygon in the first place. But don’t lose hope just yet. Because, there are ways you can get a Shiny Pokemon apart from the wild.

There is a chance of getting a Shiny Pokemon while hatching eggs as well. Incubating the eggs will increase the chances of coming across a Shiny Pokemon of an initial stage. For example, if you encounter a Shiny Trapinch in the egg, you can evolve it into Shiny Flygon.

As mentioned earlier, you will find it difficult to find a Shiny Flygon. But there is one thing you can do. You can look for a Shiny Trapinch and then Evolve it in Shiny Flygon in Pokemon Go.

Also, you stand a chance of encountering a Shiny Pokemon in the rewards after completing the Research Tasks. Or else, you can take advantge of Events. During the events, the probability of finding a Shiny Pokemon increases slightly. You never know, when you might get lucky.

When you encounter a Shiny Trapinch or, just in case, a Shiny Flygon, remember to throw some berries at it and ensure that you use an Ultra Ball in order to successfully catch them.

Now you know that flygon can be shiny in Pokemon Go and how to catch one if encountered. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can check out where to Find a Toucannon in Pokemon Go and how to get Rhyperior in Pokemon Go.