Where To Find Toucannon In Pokemon Go

Toucannon is a Normal Flying type Pokemon found in Pokemon Go that is an evolved form of Pikipek.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality video game that allows players to catch Pokemon while out exploring the real world. While some Pokemon are fairly easy to catch, others can provide a bit of challenge. In fact, there are some Pokemon that are location specific and cannot be found anywhere else. Players that want to catch Toucannon in Pokemon Go will have to go through a process to get it.

In this article, we have detailed exactly how players can end up with a Toucannon of their own.


How To Get Toucannon In Pokemon Go?


Toucannon is a Normal Flying-type Pokemon. It is a bird Pokemon that resembles the Toucan bird. However, it is not possible to get Toucannon in the game. Players will have to evolve the from a Pikipek. Toucannon is the third stage of evolution for Pikipek in Pokemon Go. Pikipek is an Aloha region Pokemon and be caught in the wild. It is also available from 2-km Eggs.


Once players get a Pikipek, they can evolve it to Trumbeak for 25 Candy. As we stated before, Toucannon is the third stage of Pikipek’s evolution and players will need 100 Candy to complete this evolution.

Toucannon Moveset

Toucannon’s quick moves comprise of Peck, Rock Smash, and Bullet Speed. The main moves for Toucannon are Flash Cannon, Drill Peck, and Rock Blast. Players using Toucannon for Gym or PvP battles should go with Peck and Drill Peck to attack their opponent. These moves give Toucannon a high DPS and can be used to defeat opponents fast.


This Pokemon is a Normal Flying type and is vulnerable to Rock, Electric and Ice moves. However, Toucannon will do well against Bug, Grass, Ground, or Ghost type Pokemon.

This is all about how players can get Toucannon in Pokemon Go. For more Pokemon Go gudes from Games Adda, check out How To Get A Joystick In Pokemon Go?


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