How To Get And Use Charms Diablo Immortal

Charms can help players increase their skill rank.

Diablo Immortal is the latest Blizzard Entertainment game in the Diablo franchise. As players battle the undead in the game, it is pretty easy to get overwhelmed. However, the game has a lot of items that can help players progress easily through the game. Charms are an equipable item in Diablo Immortal that can increase the skill rank of a player.

These Charms can provide up to five unique random bonuses for all classes. However, a Charm takes up its own slot and only a single Charm can be equipped at a time.

How To Get Charms In Diablo Immortal?


There are two ways to get Charms in Diablo Immortal. One way is to purchase the Charms while the other is to win them as rewards. We will detail both these methods below and players can pick the one convenient to them.

Bounty Rewards

Players can earn Charms as rewards for completing Bounties. However, Bounty rewards are selected at random and players may have to complete a few Bounties before they get their desired rewards.

Purchase Charms From Hilts Traders

Players can also purchase Charms from Hilt Traders. To do this, players can go to the  Limited Time option and but the Charms for 100 Hilts. While players are guaranteed to get Charms through this method, they can only get a limited number of Charms before the trade time is over. It will also require a sizeable amount of Hilts if players want to buy multiple Charms in Diablo Immortal.

How To Use Charms?

There are multiple ways to use a Charm in the game. Players can look at all the ways to use Charms in Diablo Immortal and decide how they want to use their Charm.

Upgrade Charms

Players can increase their skill rank bonuses further by upgrading Charms. It will require players 20 Alchemical Podwer which they need to give to the Charm Craftsman.

Extract Charms

If players have a few spare Charms lying around, they can extract these into Skill Stones. This will cost players 500 Platinum.

Get Skill Stone Bonuses

Players can replace a ingle skill rank from a Charm with one of the many bonuses of a Skill Stone.

This is how players can get and use Charms in Diablo Immortal.  For more guides on the game, check out Diablo Immortal: How To Play On PC?