How To Get A Joystick In Pokemon Go

Not finding enough Pokemon in your region?

Pokemon Go is a wildly popular augmented reality mobile game where players can catch Pokemon out in the world. This can be quite a fun time as players scavenge their surroundings for new Pokemon to catch. However, after a certain time, players might run out of unique Pokemon in their neighboring areas. This is when players start looking into getting a joystick in Pokemon Go.

A GPS Joystick allows players to scramble their GPS coordinates and change their device location to anywhere in the world. This is especially helpful when players want to capture rare location-specific Pokemon. For example, the Pokemon that were introduced during the Aloha event could only be captured in Hawaii for a while. In such a case, the GPS joystick could help players outside of the specified location to capture the Pokemon.

However, using a joystick in Pokemon Go does not come without its set of challenges. In today’s guide, we will discuss how players can use a joystick in Pokemon Go and if it is safe to do so.

How To Use A Joystick In Pokemon Go?


There are multiple ways for players to use a joystick in Pokemon Go. Multiple apps offer the option to provide duplicitous GPS locations to Pokemon Go players. The method to use the joystick in Android and iOS varies slightly. We have listed both the methods below.


To use a joystick on iOS, players will have to download a Virtual Location Joystick app on a PC. There are several apps of this type available for download. Players must make sure they pick a trustworthy app and not something that will end up infecting their PC with malware. Next, players can connect their iOS device to their PC and select Get Started. In the app, players can select the location they want to use for the world map.

Players will now get a joystick function that they can use to manipulate GPS direction control.


Unlike iOS, players can directly download the Virtual Location Joystick app on their Android device. Once players have downloaded the app, they can go to the Settings on their device and select the About Phone option. Players must now enter developer mode and then scroll to Location Settings. Here, players must set the GPS accuracy to high. Activate the device GPS and then open the joystick app.

Players must tap on the joystick to enable it and then drag the red dot to the location of their choice. Now, players can just click the Activate button to get the joystick working.

Is It Safe To Use A Joystick In Pokemon Go?

While players can use a joystick to manipulate the location of their device, it is not advisable to do so. Niantic penalizes users employing third-party apps to alter their location and repeated infractions may result in a permanent ban on an account. This is obviously not worth the effort as players will not even be able to play Pokemon Go, let alone collect exclusive Pokemon, if their account is banned.

It is much safer to play by the rules and wait for the exclusive Pokemon to arrive to their location. Even a first warning ban in Pokemon Go lasts for 7 days before players can access their accounts again.

This is how players can get a joystick in Pokemon Go. For more Pokemon Go content, check out How To Get Rhyperior In Pokemon Go