How To Accept Raid Or Remote Raid Invite In Pokemon GO

Learn how you can accept Raid or Remote Raid invites in Pokémon GO.

Has your Gym been taken by Boss Pokémon, which you alone cannot defeat? It is tougher than your usual opponents and can be considered Mega or tier 5. Then invite some friends to defeat and catch that Pokemon by Raid battles, or accept the invite to help your fellow Trainer. If you are having difficulty doing that, then check out this guide on how to accept Raid or Remote Raid invite in Pokemon GO.

What You Need and How to Accept Remote Raid Invite in Pokemon GO

Remote Raid Invite Pokemon GO

Before jumping to the solution, make sure you have bought Remote Raid Passes from PokeShop or have won it as a reward in some special event. Now speaking about joining a raid, there are two ways to join a Remote Raid. The first from the Raid tab of Map View and the second from the Raid invitation. And in this article, we’ll focus on the second method.
If your app is open, you will receive an in-game notification, tapping on which will take you to the Raid screen. There you will see a “Battle” button. Tap on it to join the lobby, select your battle party and start the fight. But if your Pokemon GO app is closed or in the background, you will receive a push notification. Tapping on it will redirect you to the app. Go to the Nearby window and click on the Raid tab, you will see the invite. Tap on it to see the “Battle” button, then use a Remote Raid pass to join the battle or a Raid pass if you are nearby.

Not Receiving Invite or Unable to Join

If you are not receiving Raid invites even though your friend has already sent them. Go to the settings and check if your “Raid Invitations” toggle is on. If it is not, turn it on.
And if you are not able to join the battle from the Nearby tab or in-game notification. That means the match has already started, and the invite has expired.

This is all you need to know about how to accept and what you need to accept Remote Raid Invite in Pokemon GO. Since you are here, go ahead and check out how to get Leafeon and how to evolve Inkay into Malamar.