How To Evolve Inkay Into Malamar In Pokemon GO

Here is how Dark Psychic Inkay evolution gives Malamar in Pokemon GO.

Inkay is a Dark/Psychic type Pokemon who is weak towards Fairy and Bug types and Resistant to Psychic types. Its best attack moves are Tackle and Night Slash and the best defense moves are Peck and Psybeam. Currently, it has only one stage of evolution. And in this guide, you will learn how to evolve Inkay into that stage Malamar in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO: How to Evolve Inkay And Get Malamar

Evolve Inkay Into Malamar In Pokemon GO

Requirement wise Inkay needs only 50 candies to evolve into Malamar. But, here is the twist, you cannot evolve it just with candies. You need to turn your phone upside down and then press the Evolve button to acquire this form. Their spawn rate was high at the time of the Psychic event, which took place in September, but now it has ended, so finding an Inkay even in the wild might be pretty difficult.
Since it is hard to catch them now, you might not find enough of them to transfer and earn candies. So the most prominent method would be making it your buddy and walking with it till you have collected enough to evolve them. Apart from normal Malamar and Inkay, there are Shiny Inkay and Shiny Malamar, which are rarely acquired.
Mobile phones without Gyroscope might find it difficult to evolve Inkay. If you own such a phone, then try to trade Inkay in exchange for some other Pokemon, switch devices, or have someone else evolve it for you.

Malamar Moves

Malamar is a Dark/Psychic type Pokemon that is found in the Kalos region. Its quick moves are Peck and Psycho Cut. The main moves are Hyper Beam, Psybeam, Foul Play, and Superpower. Psycho cut and Foul Play are the best attack moves. And Peck and Hyper Beam are the best defensive moves.

This is how you can get and evolve Inkay into Malamar in Pokemon GO. Looking for more such guides, check out how to evolve Cosmog.