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10 Hidden Tips For Pokemon GO

Looking for some useful Pokemon GO tips and tricks? Check out this guide.

Pokemon GO is an AR adventure game with a massive fanbase. It is available in almost every part of the globe. And has many shortcuts, way-throughs, and tricks that players can use to make it more fun. Some tricks give more candy, some affect your IV, and some are just convenient. Here we’ll be learning about the 10 hidden tips and tricks for Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO: 10 Hidden Tips and Tricks

10 Hidden Tips Pokemon GO

If you are a Veteran player you might know some of these tricks or tips. But if you are a beginner, these tips will enhance your gaming experience and give you an upper hand over other starting players.

Search Shortcut

You can find specific CP level Pokemon by searching CP(Value), for example, CP100, CP500, and CP800. Search can be used to find the evolution family of Pokemon, such as if you search +Eevee it will show you all Eevee, Leafeon, Glaceon, and other Pokemons of that family. You can also search by types and moves, just add @ before, such as @ice. These are just some search shortcuts. You can refer to Niantic’s official help page for more.

Name Trick

Eevee is a Pokemon that has many types of evolution. And those evolutions can be activated by changing their name and then evolving. It is a one-time trick for all types. Glaceon (Rea), Leafeon (Linnea), Vaporeon (Rainer), Jolteon (Sparky), Umbreon (Tamao), Flareon (Pyro), Espeon (Sakura), and Sylveon (Kira).

Use Poffins

Poffin is a type of snack that will fill your buddy’s hunger meter and enhance their mood.

Increase IV With Best Friend

If you complete daily friendship activities and reach the Friendship level of Best Friend or Ultra Friend, your chance of getting better IV Pokemon during trade with that friend increases.

Pokemon Home

It’s an app where you can transfer Pokemon and earn a Mystery Box, which will give you Meltan.

Gifts to Increase Friendship Level

If you open that friend’s gift who has not opened yours, you gain half heart. But gifts have to be sent and received on that day only.

Revive Without Revive

Low on Revives, no problem. Just Power Up your Pokemon. You will get some points, and you can use Potion rather than Revive to heal your Pokemon.

AR+ With Quick Catch

Even though Pokemons are aware of your presence in AR+ mode, they are fixed to a point. And that makes using quick catch even easier and faster.

Tap Minus to Go to Max

Rather than hitting the plus sign to use the max resource, you can tap on the minus sign. It will show the max possible uses.

Earn PokeCoins Through Gym

If you keep your Pokemons at Gym as a Defender, you can earn up to 50 coins per day.

These are the top 10 hidden tips for Pokemon GO players. If you found this helpful then, check out the beginner’s guide, and can you join Team Rocket?