Pokemon Sword And Shield: Everything About Eternataus And How To Catch it?

Eternatus is one of the strongest pokemon in the series. Let's see who is Eternatus, how to fight Eternamax Eternatus and how to catch it.

Every Pokemon game introduces a new region, new pokemon, and some legendary pokemon also. Pokemon Sword and Shield makes players explore the Galar region, and also introduces Eternatus the strongest pokemon in the game’s history. Unlike other Pokemon games where you get a chance to catch Eternatus. Let’s dig deeper and find out who is Eternatus and how to catch him.

Who Is Eternatus In Pokemon Sword And Shield?

Eternatus is a Legendary Pokemon similar in design to Deoxy. The moves and powers of Eternatus are unique and unlike anything have seen which is why beating it is fairly difficult. At some point in the game, Eternatus becomes the Eternamax Eternatus. Players cross paths with Eternatus multiple times during the latter half of sword and shield but you only get to fight and catch him once.

Is Eternatus The Strongest Pokemon?

The Eternamax version of Eternatus is the strongest pokemon not only in the Sword Shield but the whole Pokemon series. Eternatus has base stats of 690 and when it becomes Eternamax Eternatus the base stats go over 1100.

These are the highest stats any pokemon has as the other pokemon’s stats hover around 600 to 670. Pokemon Sword and Shield allows you to catch the strongest pokemon but it ain’t easy. Read below to know how to defeat ad catch Eternatus.

How To Catch Eternatus In Pokemon Sword And Shield?

Players will cross paths with Eternamax Eterantus after defeating Chairman Rose in the champions cup. Before going up against the arch-nemesis Leon, you will be visiting “Hammerlocke Energy Plant” where you will meet Eternatus. Eternamax Eternatus is a level 60 poison dragon-type pokemon, which is why players should have ice, physical, and ground-type pokemon.

The trick is to let Eternatus go all out with his attacks and wait for the second half when you are joined by Zamazenta and Zacian. In the second half, Eternatus will turn into Eternamax Eternatus and that is when you with your companions go all out at him.

Once Eternatus is defeated you can catch him using any Pokeball as its catch rate is 100%. Unfortunately, you will get only Eternatus and not the Eternamax Eternatus but the pokemon is still very useful in Max raids. After this, you go ahead to beat Leon and gain the champion’s status.

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