How To Change Uniform In Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Want to customize your character in your desired clothing in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Look for a boutique or Clothing shop near you.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield share a very sweet and sour relationship. Thye have come up with a variety of new features and characters. One of the features of this Best-selling game is that the Pokemon trainers will be rewarded with a new uniform every time when they win any gym battle.

But the game has left everyone in confusion if they can wear, or change uniforms in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Notably, players will not be able to change uniforms during cutscenes.

Very confusing right? But don’t worry we have all the answers to clear your doubts.

Can Players and Trainers Change their Uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

uniform in Pokemon Sword and sheild

When players register themselves for their Gym challenge in Motostroke, they will be provided with a plain white uniform. You will choose your favorite number for your jersey.

Trainers should think twice before selecting their outfit bcoz once they choose something they can’t change it again. Though trainers can pay and get a cool uniform for themselves which players cant.

How To change uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Players in Pokemon Sword and Shield are not allowed to wear flashy uniforms like trainers in the gym battles but they can get them exchanged for attractive rewards.

All you have to do is just find the nearest clothing shop inside that shop enter the changing room. Once you are inside the changing room you will see all the uniforms you won throughout your journey and select one of your choices and change your avatar.

Customize your character with your favorite clothes when roaming around the world as you cannot wear them during Gym Battles.

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