Pokemon Emerald: How To Get HM Rock Smash

This is how to obtain Rock Smash move in Pokemon Emerald.

Pokemon Emerald is a 2D RPG released in 2004. And even with the advent of VR and graphically rich Pokemon games, this has not yet lost its charm. It still has many players who want to complete its missions. In this guide, we will talk about how to get HM Rock Smash in Pokemon Emerald and use Fiery Path for more adventure.

Location to Get HM Rock Smash in Pokemon Emerald

Rock Smash Guy In Pokemon Emerald

Rock Smash is an ability that you can teach to any of your Pokemon. And it will prove very helpful as you advance in the game. The Rock Smash is a move that allows you to break Route 112 rocks and makes Fallarbor Town accessible with Fiery Path. Now let us learn how to obtain this move. You can obtain this action from Mauville City, and you need to earn second Badge for it.

Look for the PokeMart in Mauville City. Right across the right side of Mart is a house with a pink roof. Enter it and talk to the man with glasses. He will speak for some time and then give you Rock Smash. Select any Pokemon that uses less space and teach it this move. Remember you need to have a Knuckle Badge and Stone to learn this move. The Knuckle Badge is obtained by defeating Gym Leader Brawly. And there are different types of stones obtained from Mart, trade, and paths.

Defeat Wattson

You will also need to defeat the Mauville City Gym leader and get Dynamo Badge if you want to use this move for smashing rocks of Fiery Path. The Mauville Gym leader uses Voltorb, Electrike, Magneton and Manectric. Since they are Electric-type Pokemon, it is suggested you use Rock-type Pokemons in this battle. Once you have defeated Wattson and obtained Dynamo Badge, you will be able to smash any rock that has a crack on it. So head to the town’s cave, use this move on two cracked rocks and unblock Fiery Path.

This is all you need to know and do to get HM Rock Smash in Pokemon Emerald. Are you looking for more guides from this game? Then check out how to get the bike and how to Mega evolve.