How To Get A Bike In Pokemon Emerald

Players can get the Acro Bike or the Mach Bike in Pokemon Emerald.

Pokemon Emerald is a RPG that came out in 2004. It is the final game in the third generation of the Pokemon video game series. The Bike is a  vehicle that players can ride to get around in the game. There are two versions of the bike available in Pokemon Emerald: the Acro Bike and the Mach Bike. In today’s article, we will explain how players can get these bikes in the game.

How To Unlock A Bike In Pokemon Emerald?


It is quite simple to attain a bike in the game. Players can follow the steps given below to get a bike in Pokemon Emerald.

  • Players will first need to head to Mauville City in order to attain a bike. They might face some issues finding the city. To get to it, players should first go to the north of Slateport City and keep to the right.  This will lead players to Mauville City.
  • After reaching the destination, players must head towards the Pokemon Center. There is a Bike Shop located to its right.
  • Once players have found the bike shop, they can go inside and speak to Rydel.
  • Rydel will now offer players the option to pick the Mach Bike or the Acro Bike.
  • Players can now pick the Bike they prefer. Both Bikes have their pros and cons. While the Mach Bike is faster, players cannot do tricks on it. It is also more difficult to control. Alternatively, the Acro bike is slower but can be used for tricks and is easier to control.

This is how players can get a Bike in Pokemon Emerald. We hope this guide was helpful for players. For more Pokemon Emerald content, check out Pokemon Emerald: How To Mega Evolve