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Top 9 Best Pokémon ROM Hacks (April 2021)

With the help of this concise post, you can update your list of the best Pokémon ROM Hack easily.

Start exploring the most played yet best Pokémon ROM hacks that will keep you glued to the screen for hours. I know you’re probably confused about which games to start with, don’t be just browse through this perfectly curated list for ultimate gaming satisfaction.

Here Are 9 Best Pokémon ROM Hacks (April 2021)

The original essence of the game is intact in the below list while some new ones are added by the die-hard fans which even game designers haven’t explored. So gladly take advantage of these best Pokémon ROM Hacks and land into completely fascinating adventures of the Poke world.

1. Pokémon Theta Emerald Renevbest-Pokemon-Rom-Hack

This is nothing but the advanced version of the Pokémon Theta Emerald EX with over 700 Pokemons to catch and fuse.

The main attributes of the game are:

• Forme feature to fuse Pokemons
• New Pokemons introduced
• Additional items, moves, and abilities
• New areas to explore
• Mega Evolution
• Primal Reversion

2. Pokémon Outlawbest-Pokemon-Rom-Hack

The beauty of the game lies in its amazing narrative arc and intriguing dialogues alongside a good roster of Pokemons. In the game, you are an orphan, who mysteriously sets on an adventure of Pokémon exploration by pursuing your own paths, and take up evil or funny dialogues. This is the finest Pokémon ROM hack with a perfect blend of magic, humour, and seriousness.

The main attributes of the game are:

• Lots of slums
• Ability to follow your own path
• Incredible plots

3. Pokémon Ultra Violetbest-Pokemon-Rom-Hack

Since it is a hack of FireRed, it adopts a similar plot. The catch here is you are allowed to get your Starter Pokémon instead of the same old Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle.

The main attributes of the game are:

• Unlocks all FireRed and LeafGreen Pokemon
• Generation II & III Pokemons added
• Unlock more areas as you complete the original plot

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4. Pokémon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigmabest-Pokemon-Rom-Hack

This ROM Hack derives the same story from Pokémon Gold, Crystal & Silver but with new or modified elements. The game features 800 Pokemons and flaunts pleasing graphics. In addition to Johto & Kanto, you also get to unravel Hoenn, Orange Islands, and Alola.

The main attributes of the game are:

• Updated Sprites
• Improved animations
• Mega Evolutions added
• Visible EV & IV stats
• Allows regional gym leaders to fight
• Battle frontier locations everywhere

5. Pokémon Saiphbest-Pokemon-Rom-Hack

This is another yet best Pokémon ROM hack of FireRed. It is a continuation of Pokémon Rangers Shadows of Almia. It comprises Pokemon from Gen I to Gen IV with advanced kinds, modified moves, and better stats.

The main attributes of the game are:

• Explore Hoenn region
• Explore Region of Colen
• Fresh and reusable TMs
• Updated Bag UI
• Added day-night cycle

6. Pokémon AshGraybest-Pokemon-Rom-Hack

This is the perfect Pokémon ROM Hack for anime lovers and others who enjoyed the 1st Pokémon anime series. The good thing about this hack is there is an added rewards system that rewards you each time you pick Ash’s Pokémon on the battlefield.

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The main attributes of the game are:

• Get all the Pokemon Ash in the series
• HMs replaced the tools
• Improved spirits and graphics

7. Pokemon Gaiabest-Pokemon-Rom-Hack

Pokemon Gala ROM hack has proven to be the ideal choice for speedrunning sessions for its epic tale and interesting hacks. It also features an amazing music track unlike other games in the category as well as Gen I to Gen IV Pokémon roster with updated types, moves & features.

The main attributes of the game are:

• Enhanced graphical aspects
• Mega Evolutions added
• Special events
• Fresh elements
• Unlimited TMs to use

8. Pokemon Glazebest-Pokemon-Rom-Hack

Even though this ROM hack exists for years to count, its updated features, unique story, and new regions books a slot for it in the list of best Pokémon ROM Hacks. This game boasts the 5 Starter Pokémon choice, improved Fairy-types, stats, and moves.

The main attributes of the game are:

• Unique animations
• Altered spirits
• Physical split
• Special split
• Three regions to discover
• Rematches trainers and gym leaders

9. Pokémon Rocket Editionbest-Pokemon-Rom-Hack

Pokémon Rocket Edition is a unique ROM Hack that allows you to play both FireRed & LeafGreen plots but from Grunt’s perspective. The feature which differentiates it from the rest is it doesn’t allow you to catch the Pokemons in conventional ways and demands you to steal one from the trainers only when you win the fight with him.

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The main attributes of the game are:

• Morality system
• Includes Fairy-types
• Access to HM fly since beginning
• Improved types, stats, and moves

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These are the 9 best Pokémon ROM hacks that’ll keep you going. Stay tuned with GamesAdda for more recommendations and suggestions.