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Best 5 Pokemon GBA Games To Play In November 2022

Some of the top recommended Pokemon Gameboy Advance games for those who want to get started with the Pokemon series.

Gameboy Advance (GBA) has a fair share of recognition and remarkable moments with a variety of worldwide hits. The Pokemon franchise is one of its greatest sensations in the world. Even though the franchise has made great strides with the launch of all kinds of new Pokemon and simulation mechanisms, old-school Pokemon games can’t be forgotten by diehard Pokemon fans. It’s a legacy that tends to pass on to generations. That being said, they’re perfect for newcomers who want to venture into the Pokemon culture.

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Best 5 Pokemon GBA Games To Play In November 2022

Leave all your worry with me if you’re puzzled over where to start with hundreds of Pokemon titles available today. I’ll suggest some of the excellent Pokemon GBA games for you to commence your beautiful experience. I’ve also listed one or two ROM Hack Pokemon games that are customized by fans with extended functionality material and narratives.

1. Pokemon Ruby And Pokemon Sapphire

The 3rd generation of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire unravels the nature system, the double battles, the contests, and the Pokemon abilities in the franchise. In addition, these titles also incorporated tonnes of features while preserving the crux of conventional gameplay intact. Both games are somewhat similar, each with a few unique Pokemon of their own.Pokemon GBA Games

In Pokemon Sapphire, you join team Magma to battle against team Aqua preventing them from waking up Kyogre and expand the oceans. At the end of the game, you will be allowed to catch Kyogre.

In Pokemon Ruby, you join team Aqua to battle against team Magma preventing them from waking up Groudon and expand the oceans. At the end of the game, you will be allowed to catch Groudon.

2. Pokemon Glazed – ROM Hacked

This is the best version of the Pokemon GBA games. The main plot circles around a 10-year-old from Tunod who prevent the collision of the Pokemon world and real-world. It features a myriad of contents and a great pace.Pokemon GBA Games

It is a pretty long yet immersive game boasting 20 gyms, 3 leagues, and several mini-games. Here at the start of the game itself you can score potent and coveted Pokemon like Deino, Larvitar, Beldum, Gible, Bagon and can get access to Pokemon from several generations.

3. Pokemon FireRed And Pokemon LeafGreenPokemon GBA Games

Both are the remakes version of the 1996 original Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. Both follow the same storyline as their original versions with some extra features and improved graphics. Since they belong to 3rd gen of Pokemon they are embedded with exclusive Pokemon and move lists.

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4. Pokemon Light Platinum – ROM HackPokemon GBA Games

It’s a hack version of Pokemon Ruby but features a different and interesting narrative arc of its own. It also houses all the Pokemon from generation I to IV with updated graphics. You will also be able to experience a whole new region Zhery which seems quite real. This game is definitely worth your time.

5. Pokemon EmeraldPokemon GBA Games

This version is set in the same world as Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire with the same team Magma and Aqua. However the story is a bit complex with some extra features. Here you will be able to catch 3 Pokemon at once, meet more characters and visit Battle Frontier a very fun place for challenging Pokemon fights.

Now, you can start with any of the above-listed Pokemon GBA games and kick-off the amazing ride.

If you liked the above Pokemon GBA games then visit this post from time to time because we will keep updating this list on a weekly basis.