Pokemon Radical Red Cheats (2022): Get Unlimited Money, EXP, Berries & More

Here's a complete list of Pokemon Radical Red cheat codes.

Pokemon Radical Red seems to be lived up to the fan’s expectation as it has plenty of new features to keep players hooked for hours. There are tons of players who have been having trouble playing the game because of its complicated controls. Making your gameplay a lot easier and enjoyable, we have compiled a list of all Pokemon Radical Red cheats.

Yes, the following Pokemon Radical Red cheat codes will help you complete the game in less time.

Before we provide a complete list of Pokemon Radical Red cheats, let me tell you these codes should be used in the correct way. If you use multiple cheats at the same time, there are chances that you will be facing either glitching or crashing issues in the game.

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Pokemon Radical Red Cheats & How To Use Them in 2022

Walkthrough Walls

  • 509197D3 542975F4
  • 78DA95DF 44018CB4

Upon entering the above-mentioned codes, you will gain the ability to walk through walls and other terrains.

Unlimited Master Ball

  • 820257C4 0001

To get unlimited Master Ball, you will have to enter this code and go to any Item PC.

Unlimited TM/HM

  • 820257C4 XXXX

To obtain unlimited TM/HM, you will have to change the XXX with the specific TM/HM codes that you actually want. Once changed, go to any item PC and get an unlimited TM/HM.

Unlimited Rare Candies

  • 820257C4 0044

After entering this code, you will need to head to any Item PC and get unlimited Rare Candies.

Unlock All Badges

  • EFCE867D 5403D40D

Entering this code will unlock all the Badges in Pokemon Radical Red.

Unlimited Headling Items

  • 820257C4 XXXX

To get unlimited headline items in Pokemon Radical Red, you will have to change XXX with the specific Healing item codes that you really want. Once changed, go to any Item PC and get unlimited Headling Items.

Unlimited Misc Items

  • 820257C4 XXXX

Similar to Headling items, you will have to change XXXX with the desired Misc item codes. Once changed, go to any Item PC and get unlimited Misc items.

Unlimited Berries

  • 820257C4 XXXX

The process is the same as healing and Misc items.


  • 82031DBC XXXX

You will have to change the XXXX with the desired location code where you want to teleport to. Once you teleported to the desired location, make sure to turn it off, or else you will end up teleporting again and again.

Instant Kill

  • 95EDFBBA A5A72A78
  • C833D1A0 02FA7205

When you enter these codes, your Pokemon will kill the opponent Pokemon in one hit.

Poke Mart Items Cost 1

  • 3C25A344 FD8F451C
  • AD86124F 2823D8DA

With the help of these cheat codes, you can buy all of the sold items in any Poke Mart for 1.

Max Stats

Here are a few codes that you will have to use depending on where they are in the party.

1st Pokemon

2nd Pokemon

3rd Pokemon

4th Pokemon

5th Pokemon

6th Pokemon

Encounter Shiny Pokemon

  • 1670047D 04815C68
  • 18452A7D DDE55BCC

When you enter these codes, you will encounter Wild Shiny Pokemon.

Unlimited Money

Use the following codes to get unlimited money:.

Code Breaker

  • 820257BC 423F
  • 820257BE 000F

Game Shark

  • 29C78059 96542194

Unlimited PP

  • 42023C08 6363
  • 00000002 0002

These codes will net you unlimited PP in Pokemon Radical Red.

Unlimited EXP

  • 74000130027D
  • 7300218C0001
  • 82023D501388

If you receive these codes after each battle, your Pokemon will get an unlimited EXP.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Radical Red cheat codes.