Which Country Made Mobile Legends Bang Bang & Who Owns It?

This article acknowledges which country made Mobile Legends and who is the owner of the game.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is the most popular multiplayer online battle arena made just for mobile users and amasses a huge number of admirers spawning across the world. The reason it still persists to be the number one is its developer’s constant efforts with every new upgrade which provides the users with the maximum possible gaming experience.

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Whether you are a die-hard fan, familiar with the game, or giving it a thought you must know your title well. Hence, with this guide, I will tell you which country made Mobile Legends Bang Bang and who is the owner of it.

Which Country Made Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

The action-multiplayer game has been created exclusively for mobile players and rolled out on 14th April 2016 on Android devices, while it was released on IOS devices 8 months earlier, on 9th November 2016.

The developers and publishers of the game hail from Shanghai which is the commercial and financial hub of China. Since its release, it became an instant hit particularly in South East Asian countries such as the Philippines & Indonesia where it managed to nurture a flourishing esports ecosystem.

Hence, the answer to your question which country made Mobile Legends Bang Bang is Shanghai, China.

Who Owns Mobile Legends?

I’ve found that many users who looked for the same question on Google are offered conflicting identities, leaving them puzzled as to who the real owner of the game is. No more confusion since I will provide you with the correct identity with a reliable explanation.

The game is founded by the successful MOBA developer Moonton. Moonton is the middle name of the company Shanghai Moonton Technology founded under the leadership of Justin Yuan. In reality, the game is unveiled by the two developers Shanghai Moonton Technology Co.Ltd and Shanghai Mulong Network and Technology Co.Ltd. So those who were confused about who owns the Mobile Legends, the answer is both these companies.

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The creators have made a commendable job creating this 5v5 MOBA that features multiple playable heroes, powerful game modes, and fast-paced gameplay. They also made sure to allow players to compete against the other players in real-time. Moonton’s consistent progress of the Mobile Legends game is backed by the company’s mantra, “Do what you say.”

I hope I have addressed your question for which Country Made Mobile Legends Bang Bang & Who owns it. You may like to check out other Mobile Legends Guide here that may help you ace the game.