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What Does MPL Mean In Mobile Legends Bang Bang

MPL is an event associated with Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Learn more about what it is below.

MPL in Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a competitive event created and organized by Moonton Games for the experienced and dedicated players of the game. Now, this tournament takes place in multiple regions around the globe, and hence it is a regional competitive event.

Mobile Legends Professional League, also known as MPL, is one of the biggest games tournament in the South East Asia region. The popularity of the game has led to the inception of the tournament. Check out this guide to know more.

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How does MPL Work in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

MPL Mobile Legends Bang Bang

MPL is operated in the Seasons format and takes place twice a year. The regions of MPL include Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Myanmar. Each region has a separate league and it takes place in the first and second half of the year.

Slowly, its popularity is spreading to the LATAM countries too. In 2021, the league witnessed the inclusion of Brazil and Cambodia.

Also, this tournament acts as a qualifier for the Mobile Legends South East Asian Competition and the Mobile Legends Bang Bang World Championship.

The winners of MPL get a Trophy for that particular season and also a certain amount of cash prize.

How to Participate in MPL Mobile Legends Bang Bang

In order to join the tournament, you have to first register in one of the regions’ qualifiers. The qualifier’s portal opens after the previous season ends.

There are a set of rules and regulations that the participants must go through before registering. And the set of rules shall differ in each region.

The first ever MPL had taken place in 2017. And since then, each year, experienced players from around the world compete to become the best team.

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