Mobile Legends (MLBB) New Talent System Explained

This is everything you need to know about the new Talent System and Emblem Plan in MLBB.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is always working towards new features and systems that would be interesting and beneficial for players. One such feature is the new Talent System which has been in the talk since the announcement. In this article, we will talk about everything that has been revealed so far on Mobile Legends Bang Bang MLBB new Talent System.

What is New Talent System in Mobile Legends (MLBB) Explained

New Talent System MLBB

The New Talent System is a modified version of the Emblem System that allows players more customization options. As heroes development was bound to fixed attributes and talent, which was disliked by many experienced and new players.

But now the Emblem System will get divided into four independent sections. And rather than 3 choices, you will have 10+ options to choose talent from. Fixed attributes have also been downsized into 6 divisions. Where you can take one fixed attribute and combine it with 3 talents. This new system will make customizing talent plans for each hero a lot easier. For example, you can create a talent plan where you choose Staff, Killing Spree, Seasoned Hunter, and Attack Speed for Karina.

Six attributes will represent 6 heroes innate fighting abilities and symbolize different weapons. Those attributes are Fearless Assault: Sword Sustainability, Swift Blast: Dagger High Burst, Precise Shot: Bow Basic Attack & Lifesteal, Solid Defense: Shield Defense & Damage Taker, Buff & Support: Orb Assist & Roaming and Arcane Magic: Staff Magic Poke.

Each of these weapons will transform into four different forms of talent subtypes such that red will be offensive, golden will be defensive, and blue will be utility. So, for example, if you choose two defensive talents your weapon will become golden. Likewise, if you choose two offensive talents then your weapon will turn red.

This article explained the new Talent System in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. If you found this helpful then do check out our other article on the best junglers in MLBB.