Mobile Legends Bang Bang Best Junglers

List of best junglers in MLBB.

Jungler helps the team by clearing monsters and gaining XP from a zone that is not an area of any team nor a part of any lane. The most preferred roles for making junglers are Fighters, Tanks, Assassins, and Marksman as they come with attack power. Raiding a jungle without a good jungler will only lessen your rewards, so check out this list of the best junglers in Mobile Legends Bang Bang MLBB.

Best Junglers in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Dyrroth Baxia Junglers Mobile Legends Bang Bang


Death Chanter Granger is a Marksman who specializes in Burst/Reap. He is a demon hunter who is also a violist. And his base stats are HP 2370, physical attack 100, physical defense 15, magic defense 15, and movement speed 240. His abilities are Caprice, Rhapsody, Rondo, and Death Sonata.


Prince of the Abyss Dyrroth is a fighter. He is a prince of the Moniyan Empire with a specialty in Charge/Burst. His base stats are HP 2758, physical attack 117, physical defense 22, magic defense 15, and movement speed 265. He holds abilities like Burst Strike, Spectre Step, Abysm Strike, and Wrath of the Abyss.


Mystic Tortoise Baxia is a Tank that specializes in Support/Damage. He is a student of the Great Dragon who expelled Yu Zhong from his realm. His base stats are 2769 HP, 422 MP, 125 physical attacks, 23 physical defenses, and 240 movement speed. He is a holder of Baxia-Shield Unity, Shield of Spirit, Tortoise’s Puissance, and Baxia Mark abilities.

Karina Selena Junglers Mobile Legends


Abyssal Witch Selena is an Assassin/Mage that specializes in Initiator/Reap. She is a dark elf and belongs to Shadow Swamp. Her base stats are 2401 HP, 490 MP, 110 physical attacks, 15 physical defenses, and 240 movement speed. Her abilities are Abyssal Trap, Abyssal Arrow, Primal Darkness, and Symbiosis.


Shadow Blade Baxia is an Assassin that specializes in Reap/Magic Damage. She is the elder sister of Selena. Her base stats are 2633 HP, 431 MP, 121 physical attacks, 20 physical defenses, and 260 movement speed. She holds abilities like Dance of Blades, Dance of Death, Shadow Assault, and Shadow Combo.

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