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Best Assassins In Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Here are the top assassins in MLBB.

Assassins are agile, instinctive, and deceptive fighters. If you want to become invincible you need to have a few good assassins to help you in missions or during battles. But since there are so many assassins you might be finding it hard to find the top ones. So here is the list of best assassins in Mobile Legends Bang Bang MLBB.

Who Are Best Mobile Legends Bang Bang Assassins

Hanzo Mobile Legends Bang Bang Assassins


Helcurt is a Shadowbringer. His white-haired hooded hero specializes in Push/Burst. His base stats are HP 2599, MP 440, physical damage 121, physical defense 17, and movement speed 255. The skills that he has are Race Advantage, Shadow Transition, Deadly Stinger, and Dark Night Falls. And he can silence enemies.


Akuma Ninja or Hanzo specializes in Burst/Poke. And his base stats are 2594 HP, 100 Rage, 108 physical attacks, 17 physical defense, and 260 movement speed. Skills he holds are Ame no Habakiri, Ninjutsu: Demon Feast, Ninjutsu: Soul Reap, and Kinjutsu: Pinnacle Ninja. He is one of two assassins to have two forms as of now.


Bright Claw Natalia specializes in Chase/Reap. She gives 4935 HP, 1914 MP, 243 physical attacks, 63 physical defenses, and 260 movement speed at level 15. Her abilities are Assassin Instinct, Claw Dash, Smoke Bomb, and The Hunt. She can become invisible in front of enemies.

Karina Natalia Gusion Assassins MLBB


Holy Blade Gusion specializes in Burst/Magic Damage. And his stats at level 15 are 4888 HP, 1863 MP, 234 physical attacks, 67 physical defense, and 260 movement speed. His abilities are Dagger Specialist, Sword Spike, Shadowblade Slaughter, and Incandescence. He has KoF SNK collaboration skin.


Karina is a Shadow Blade who specializes in Reap/Magic Damage. At level 15 her stats can reach up to HP 5262, MP 1831, physical attack 236, physical defense 71, and movement speed 260. You get abilities like Shadow Combo, Dance of Blades, Dance of Death, and Shadow Assault with her. She is one of the few assassins to have a magical specialty.

These are the top and best assassins in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Also, check out this list of best MLBB heroes.