How To Join A Neighborhood In Mobile Legends

Unable to see local hero ranking on Mobile Legends? Here is how to solve "You Don't Have Titles, Join Neighborhood”.

In Mobile Legends, there are various leaderboards to check your ranking in the local area, neighborhood, and showcase your ranking stand in the ML competition while testing your skills in the game.  A lot of Mobile Legends players are facing an issue when they want to display a title to their profile stating “You Don’t Have Titles, Join Neighborhood”. If you are experiencing the same, this guide will help you get rid of this prompt message and add the title to your profile ranks successfully.

Solve “You Don’t Have Titles, Join a Neighborhood” in Mobile Legends

Join a Neighbourhood in Mobile Legends

The reason for this problem preciously is unknown, but it can be possibly resolved by updating and calibrating the location. Below is the method to reset the location on MLBB.

Activate and Calibrate the Location

For this, make sure you have location activated on your device.

  1. Go to leaderboards from your in-game profile.
  2. Then click on street.
  3. Now, press the location icon at the top right to calibrate your location.
  4. Once your location is calibrated, go back to the in-game home screen.
  5. Now, click on your profile and click on the settings button.
  6. In the setting option, click on the Title option to display the title on the profile.
  7. Now you will see the available title for your hero, click on Equip.

As you click on the equip, it will be equipped to the profile and displayed in your ranking to other players as well.

You can update your street location only once a week. Also, it is worth mentioning that if you are located on the EU server, the street ranking option isn’t available as of now.

That sums up everything from our side on how to join a neighborhood in Mobile Legends. If you find the guide helpful, check out more on this game, such as how to change the server in MBLL. Moreover, if you wish to play on an advanced server in MLBB, check here to access it.