Magic Crystal In Mobile Legends: How To Get

Looking for some Magic Crystal in Mobile Legends Bang Bang? Then, here's how you can get it easily.

Magic Crystal is one of the most expensive currencies in Mobile Legends Bang Bang that players are trying to farm. That’s because, with this currency, you can unlock a Legendary Skin such as Obsidian Blade, Internal Blaze, Conqueror, and more. As a downside, the Magic Crystal doesn’t come for cheap and costs tons of Diamonds and other resources. This makes the player wonder if there’s a way to get this item for free. If you’re wondering the same, then below we have mentioned every possible way to get Magic Crystal in MLBB easily.

How Can I Get Magic Crystal in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

How Can I Get Magic Crystal in Mobile Legends Bang Bang MLBB Farm Free Magic Wheel Crystal

Currently, the only way to get Magic Crystal in Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is via the Magic Wheel. There you simply have to spin until you reach 200 Magic Points and that’ll grant you 1x Magic Crystal. Don’t forget, 1 Magic Point is earned by spinning the Magic Wheel 1 time. So it means, to reach 200 Magic Points you’ll be required to spin 200 times. To make a single spin you can use 1x Magic Wheel Potion S, 60x Crystal of Aurora, or 60x Diamonds. However, as getting the CoA and Diamonds is not easy and cheap, your best bet is to farm the potion.

You can farm the Magic Wheel Potion S item by doing Diamonds top-up, playing in Events, or subscribing to the Starlight pass. According to many players, you can even get a Free Magic Wheel Potion S just for spinning at Magic Wheel 5 times a week. If farming the potions seems difficult then you can always try getting the Crystal of Aurora via Daily Rewards for free. Just make sure you’re active in the game and farm any of the 3 currencies to spin as much as you can. Or else obtaining the Magic Crystal might take a while.

This sums up everything about how you can get Magic Crystal in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. If you’re looking for some free rewards then check out MLBB Redeem Codes Wiki. Also, take a look at the best ways to Rank Up fast in the game.