How To Get Gold Fast In Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Here is a quick guide to help you collect gold fast in Mobile Legends.

Gold Collecting in Mobile Legends is one of the important aspects of gaining advance over your opponents in the battle. Getting a finite amount of gold, since it is also an in-game currency that can used to purchase core items and equipment. That being said if you are looking for ways to get gold fast in MLBB, this guide will help you with that.

Get Gold Fast in Mobile Legends

Get Gold fast In Mobile legends (MLBB)
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Here we have listed 5 ways by which you can get gold faster in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Follow these tips to get the maximum gold out of the game and have the upper hand in the battle.

Using Jungler item

Jungler items not only give you more gold on killing but also help in gaining experience. With the gold, you can buy more good Jungler items, which in return give you more gold gains by killing Jungler and creep monsters.

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Farming Gold (Turtle, Crab, and Lords)

As easy as it gets, gold farming in MLBB can be done by killing the turtle and hermit crab in the battle. You can ask for assistance from teammates to hold them as you land strikes. The gold you receive from crab small is 23 + 30 gold over 10 seconds and for the bigger one 25 +60 gold over 18 seconds.

Kill Enemy Heroes

Pretty straightforward as it is, killing the Enemy hero in Mobile Legends will give you gold gain within a range of 160 – 200. Moreover, if you kill the opponent who has the most kills, you will gain all of their gold after killing them.

After you’ve killed 4 enemies in a row, the gold given increases by 60 per kill and can go to a maximum of up to 500 at 8 kills.  Hence, the higher the kills your opponent has, the more gold you’ll get after killing them.

Kill Minions

Minions are the primary source from where you can obtain gold, around 70 to 75 gold. Moreover, if you land the last hit, you are eligible to get a 20% gold bonus. Hence, always try to land the final hit on them, giving you more gain by a considerable margin throughout the game.

Furthermore, you can use a hero with a special skill to get gold. for example, Minsitthar has the ability to get gold after he gets an assist. Previously, Nana also had a passive ability to increase the gold on teammates, but skills were removed after the update.

The last few things to consider are that, lead in the early game has a significant impact on gold acquisitions. Hence, make sure to gain acceleration in the initial stage of the game, and always make sure to clear the minion wave to gain as much as possible. And that sums up from our side on how to get gold faster in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. If you find this guide helpful and interesting, learn here how to farm Crystals of Aurora or ways to earn free Diamonds in MLBB. Also, check out Games Adda for more Mobile Legends guides