Lords Mobile: How To Beat Bon Appeti

Here's how to defeat this monster and avoid becoming her next meal.

Lords Mobile is a popular strategy game where players build their kingdoms and train their heroes for battle. In addition, players can also go monster hunting in this game. Bon Appeti is one of the monsters that players will encounter in Lords Mobile. This monster can wield high Physical and Magic DMG. If players are having trouble beating this monster, this guide will explain how to do so easily.

How To Defeat Bon Appeti In Lords Mobile?


Bon Appeti is a Normal-type monster that is strong against high MDEF but weak against Agility. This monster will appear in two days in the monster cycle. If players manage to locate the monster and beat her, a new one will spawn nearby. Bon Appeti is available on the map for 2 hours and 55 minutes and players must locate her within that time. This monster prefers to attack from a distance and is immune to ailments.

To beat this monster, players will need to get a Hero that has a high Physical DMG. Players will need to take the monster down before she turns the player’s heroes into her next meal. There are various heroes that can take on the task. For levels 1-4, free heroes like Demon Slayer, Black Crow, Shade, Tracker, and Scarlet Bolt will work well. For level 5, players can add Trickster and Death Knight to the selection instead.

Alternatively, players can also look at paid heroes like Demon Slayer, Black Crow, Tracker, Scarlet Bolt, and Femme Fatale for levels 1-4. Beyond that, players can select Vengeful Centaur and Mastercook for level 5. Once players add these heroes to their arsenal, they will be able to defeat Bon Appeti easily in Lords Mobile. We hope this guide was helpful for players.

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