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Lords Mobile Familiars Tier List (January 2023)

Familiars are monster companions that grant buffs to players in the game

Lords Mobile is a Tower Defense game with elements of role-playing as well as strategy games. Players can also have monsters ae Familiars in this game. Familiars grant buffs and offer a variety of skills to the players. Having a monster as a Familiar is often much more useful than just hunting them down for loot. However, not all Familiars are the same in the game. Therefore, we have put together this Lords Mobile Familiars Tier List. Here, we rate the Familiars in the game from the best to the worst. So, without further delay, let’s dive right into it.

Lords Mobile Familiars Tier List (January 2023)


S Tier

These are some of the best Familiars in the game. They are well balanced and provide optimal support to the players.

Pact Familiar
Pact 1A Territe
Pact 1B Aquiris
Pact 2A
Pact 2B Pyris
Pact 3 Noceros
Gemming Gremlin
Pact 4 Hell Drider
Mega Maggot
Snow Beast

A Tier

Just a touch below the S Tier, these Familiars can still be pretty resourceful in Lords Mobile.

Pact Familiar
Pact 1A
Pact 1B
Pact 2A Evil Weevil
Pact 2B Harpy
Pact 3 Trickstar
Pact 4 Mecha Trojan
Grim Reaper
Tidal Titan

B Tier

Average Familiars. Players should trade up when they get a chance.

Pact Familiar
Pact 1A
Pact 1B
Pact 2A Tempestite
Pact 2B Bonehead
Pact 3
Pact 4

C Tier

These Familiars are just there in the game. Players should definitely switch to Familiars from a higher tier.

Pact Familiar
Pact 1A Oakroot
Pact 1B Terraspike
Pact 2A Totempest
Pact 2B Krabby
Pact 3
Pact 4

How To Unlock Familiars In Lords Mobile?

After completing Skirmish 8, players can take monsters as Familiars. However, to unlock Familiars, players will also need to have a single rune from the Familiar they want to unlock. In addition, players must also get Anima from the Magic Springs. The Anima can be used to create pacts with the Mystic Spring which will give players Fragments, Runes, or Familiars. All Familiars have three stages in life. These are the hatchling, adult, and the elder. The specific stages are represented by a specific color. Green is for hatchling while blue is for adults. Meanwhile, the elders are represented in purple.

This is the Lords Mobile Familiars Tier List. For more Lords Mobile content, check out Lords Mobile: Best Colosseum Heroes