Zust2help Free Royale Pass BGMI: Is It Real?

Wondering if you can really get Free Royale Pass and UC from Zust2help for BGMI? Here is everything about the site.

Zust2help is a widely known website to provide Free UC and Free Royale Pass in BGMI. Since BGMI has launched, there is a lot of hype to buy Royale Pass or get free royale pass. Explicitly, people are hyped about Zust2help free royale pass BGMI feature.

Lots of people have been visiting this website and trying to get free royale pass and UC. However, does it really work? We tested out these features to see if Zust2help really is legit.


When you go to the site on Google, you’ll see multiple links that say Free UC and Free Royale Pass. Here are the steps you need to follow according to the site that will give you Free UC.

  1. Click on the link that says Get Free 600 UC or the Free Royale Pass link.
  2. Follow the steps mentioned in the article.
  3. After completing all steps you should have the UC or Royale Pass in your PUBG or BGMI account.

Free Royale Pass Zust2help BGMI is a Scam.

We tried all the steps to get free stuff from Zust2help and here is how it went.

  • On Googling Zust2help, we clicked the Get Free 600 UC in Pubg link. It opened an article that had a few steps to follow to get free things.
  • According to the article you have to open a new site from Google. So we opened the new site and it looked exactly like the zust2help site which is fishy.
  • Then we clicked on the 600 Free UC link as told in the previous article. It then took us to another article that asked us to click the PUBG/BGMI HELP button.
  • We are then asked to enter our User ID and Name. So we did so and pressed Submit. It said that the server is busy or the network is low. We received No UC or Royale Pass from zust2help.

The reason we mentioned this is a scam is that the Sorry message we received is also another article on the website instead of an actual message. The two sites are also copies of each other. If you don’t enter your name and PUBG ID and name, it will still open the same Server Busy article. Another thing we noticed is that when you first click the link, it says that you can get Free 600 UC, however, upon reaching the page where you enter your ID and name, it says Free 900 UC. Zust2help also has multiple other articles that claim to give free stuff and money from other apps and for other apps. We doubt that any single article is true. Hence Zust2help is a Scam site.

We hope this article helps you and you can avoid websites like these in the future. Check out our article on FnKings Fortnite too!