FnKings Fortnite 2022: Get Free V Bucks & Fortnite Skins

Want free Fortnite bucks and skins? This V bucks generator claims to give you them!

There are many websites out there that claim to let you get free V bucks and skins for Fortnite. FnKings is one of them. FnKings is one of the most famous websites when it comes to free V bucks and skins. We decided to go ahead and give the website a try to check if it truly does what it says. There were a lot of steps to follow to get Free V bucks. You can use this site on a browser and it is fairly easy to use.

The good thing about this browser is that it doesn’t ask you to enter any private credentials like password or account email on the page. It seems safe when you first look at it. However, we still would not trust sites like these. FnKings claims to give you free V bucks after just entering your Fortnite username and completing a mini human verification.

How To Get Free V Bucks And Fortnite Skins Using FnKings?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go FnKings website on your browser.
  2. You’ll see a number of options on the website for the amount of V bucks you want. Select anyone.
  3. Enter your Fortnite username and select the platform you play on.
  4. Click on generate. A box should appear that tells you to prove you’re not a spam crawler.
  5. Click Continue and click Verify.
  6. A new site will open for verification.

FnKings Fortnite: Free V bucks

Can You Get Banned By Using FnKings?

Using any third-party sites for free v bucks and skins is not safe. There are chances that Fortnite might suspend your account. You may also allow viruses into your computer or console by using spam sites.

To conclude, we wouldn’t support or use free generator sites like these. FnKings is a scam. However, there are a few people who have claimed to receive free v bucks from them. Since you do not have to enter your credentials, we would say it is pretty secure even if not legit. You can test it yourself and see how legit this site is yourself. This is how to get free v bucks from FnKings. Check out this article about another Free V bucks site.