How To Find Yellow Power Crystal In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Locate the yellow power crystals with the help of this guide in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

The yellow power crystal in Hello Kitty Island Adventure will unlock the inner sanctum of the island, which is why you must find it. There are a total of three yellow crystals that you need to locate in this quest. It is kind of like an adventure puzzle-solving process. But do not worry, we have cracked the code for you.

How to Get Yellow Power Crystal in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

First Yellow Power Crystal

get yellow power crystal in hello kitty island adventure

Start your quest by visiting the Seaside Resort. You will require Chococat with you in this process. There will be a purple glowing box door that will take you to the Beginners Bridge as shown in the picture.

  • You have to stand on one side of the pink button, while Chococat will stand on the other side to open the door.
  • Use the golden box at the Beginners Bridge to place it on the pink button on the right side.
  • This will help open staircases for you to climb upwards.
  • Open the Treasure box and receive a Stamina Apple Slice, that will help you not lose energy in this process.
  • Then climb up the purple wall to get the first yellow power crystal in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Second Yellow Power Crystal

hello kitty island adventure

Leave the Beginners Bridge after getting the first crystal and get back to the Seaside Resort. Pass Resort Plaza to reach another glowing entrance to Crystal Conundrum. This door will open automatically if you have the first yellow crystal.

  • Furthermore, Pick up the golden box and place it on the green button to activate another golden box downstairs.
  • Now pick up both the golden boxes and place them on each pink button.
  • This will unlock the doors to the second yellow power crystal.

Third Yellow Power Crystal

yellow power crystal

Now Leave the Crystal Conundrum and exit Seaside Resort. Walk towards the banner with a purple hat near the broken bridge. The Power Crystal Sensor will locate the Third crystal on the island on the other side of the broken bridge.

  • Collect five Strawberry Crates around the island and visit My Melody to help fix the bridge.
  • After submitting 5 Strawberry Crates to My Melody, she will help you to repair the broken bridge.
  • Along with that when you reach the other side of the bridge, you will find the third and final yellow power crystal.

Now you successfully have three yellow power crystals in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, that will help you activate the door to the inner sanctum.

That was a wrap on how to find yellow power crystals. If you found this article helpful you can also check out how to invite friends in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.