World Flipper Water Team Build – The Best Build Ever!

Here are our suggestions for the best World Flipper Water Team.

World Flipper went global recently and has already been downloaded millions of times. The characters in the game are divided according to their attributes. Find out what the best characters are for a world flipper water team in this guide.

Each character will have a different attribute. The following are World Flipper’s different attributes:

  • Dark Attribute
  • Thunder Attribute
  • Fire Attribute
  • Water Attribute
  • Wind Attribute
  • Light Attribute
Images Taken From : Zerochan & Danbooru

Best World Flipper Water Team Build

We did some research and looked at opinions from various players and found the best and strongest Water team Build for you.

Sonia – Main Unit

Sonia has been one of the strongest characters since the beginning and was also S Tier in our World Flipper 4 and 5 Stars Tier List. She buffs the whole party by 75% for 20 seconds.

1st Skill: 10% attack increase for self every 30 combos made. Max increase 60%

2nd Skill: Increase buff duration time by 30%

3rd Skill: Attacks twice along with a 50% damage boost.

Sonia’s last Skill will unlock only if she is placed as one of the main units in the party.

Walter – Sonia’s Sub Unit

Even though Walter is a 3 Star Unit, he is pretty strong in a World Flipper water team build. He reduces all fire damage taken by his allies for 20 seconds by 30. He also gets a fire-resistance buff of 60 for 20 seconds.

1st Skill: Buffs HP by 12%

2nd Skill: Increases HP by 8% and reduces Fire Resistance Immunity.

3rd Skill: Takes damage instead of the Leader and adds 30% fire resistance and 18% HP.

Walter’s last skill will not work in this build as we’re keeping him as a subunit.

Cypher – Leader

Cypher is also one of the strongest characters. When her HP is 80% and up, she increases water units damage by 100%.She also heals the unit for 20% once if any unit’s health goes down below 80%.

1st Skill: If the enemy has slow debuff by 10%, she can increase her own party’s damage.

2nd Skill: Increases water units attack by 40%

3rd Skill: Increases water units damage by 60% and fire by 30% when their HP is 80% and up.

Her 3rd skill only activates when she is placed as the main unit.

Liesel – Cypher’s Sub Unit

Liesel is a 4 star Water unit whose job is mainly to restore the party’s HP. She acts as a support and healer for the whole party which is what makes her a good pick for the World Flipper Water Team Build between all the attackers. She restores the HP of all units and heals herself by 8% and 50%. Buffs attack by 50% for 15 seconds of all allies.

1st Skill: Increases HP of water units by 8%

2nd Skill: If water units HP is 60% or above, their attack power increases by 20%

3rd Skill: NA

Sharon – Main Unit

Sharon is a water attribute character who is 4 star. She can easily debuff the enemy’s water resistance by 25% for 20 seconds. She can also do great water damage.

1st Skill: Power flip damage increased by 25%.

2nd Skill: Additional power flip damage buff by 25%.

3rd Skill: This skill decreases the number of combos that are needed to do a power flip 3v3. It also increases damage by 40%.

Sharon’s 3rd skill also only activates when she is in the main unit.

Kaiyu – Sharon’s Sub Unit

She’s a 3-star character who is great for a build like this. She can increase the attack of all the allies by 60% for 15 seconds. She has a regen buff that restores HP by 50% for water units.

1st Skill: Increases attack power by 20% when they are more than 80% HP.

2nd Skill: Increases attack power for members by 2% whenever they regain HP. 20% is where it is maxed.

3rd Skill: This skill increases fire resistance by 20%.

Her third skill is not used in this build as she is not the main unit.

This is our final World Flipper Water Team Build. Alternatively, you can use Alice instead of Cypher as she is strong.  Go to the official World Flipper website for more information and news. We hope you enjoyed this guide for a water build! Check out our 4 & 5 Star Tier List for World Flipper here.