World Flipper: What Is Star Slivers And How To Get It?

Here is a guide to help you get star Slivers in World Flipper!

World Flipper has recently witnessed its global launch and it’s doing pretty good. It is an amazing game with pinball mechanics that allow you to build your own team of characters to make it more fun and interesting. Since the game has just been launched, many players have been struggling to find out what is Star Slivers in World Flipper and how they can get it. If you are also one of them then you are in right place. Here is a guide to clear all your doubts!

What is Star Slivers And How To Get It In World Flipper?

Star Slivers in World Flipper

Star Slivers are the powerful units in World Flipper that players can use to obtain different units, armaments, and trading items. Players can get the Star Slivers by using Loadstar beads in the game. Read further to know more about what is loadstar beads and from where you can get them.

Loadstar beads are also currency units in Word Flipper that players can purchase using real-life money. You have to pay a certain amount online to get Star Slivers in World Flipper. There are two types of Loadstar Beads in the World Flipper. The one which you get for free in the game is way different from that of the paid ones. So do not get confused because you cannot use the free ones to get Star Slivers.

When you purchase 75 Loadstar beads in World Flipper, you get 1 Star Slivers. Isn’t it a little expensive? Yes, it is! But now that if you have purchased the beads, all you can do is get 2 Star Slivers from the Daily Spin Pull in World Flipper which you can access only when you have loadstar beads. It’s the best deal for all the players as you can get double-star Slivers in a single pull by spending lesser beads.

Players can get Star Slivers only if they can afford to spend a big amount of cash on a daily basis in World Flipper. Hence we suggest you stick to the other methods to exchange various other items to get units, armaments, and trading items.

That’s all for this one. If you are new to the game check out the World Flipper beginner’s guide and tips to master in the game.